NEC wins from RKC thanks to Tannane and Tavsan – NEC takes over eighth spot from Waalwijkers

NEC wins from RKC thanks to Tannane and Tavsan – NEC takes over eighth spot from Waalwijkers

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This is the liveblog about three duels in the premier league. We will also keep you up to date on other important soccer news here.

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Watch the summary of RKC Waalwijk – NEC

We close the blog with the highlights of the best match of the day. Tomorrow we will be back with some great posters, including of course the Klassieker between Ajax and Feyenoord.

Watch the summary of RKC Waalwijk – NEC

RKC-NEC | 90+8′ Match past NEC wins

NEC wins in Waalwijk 3-1. It was a very nice match to watch, with nice hits by Tannane and Tavsan as highlights.

The Nijmegen players take over the eighth spot from RKC with the win.

RKC-NEC | 90′ Time ticks away

Seven minutes tick away in Waalwijk, but that probably won’t be enough for RKC. The home team is attacking, but no major chances are created.

NEC holds firm for now.

RKC-NEC | 79′ Vaessen keeps RKC on their toes

NEC gets chances in the counter, but Vaessen always intervenes well. He also tucks a shot from Baldursson out of the corner.

RKC is still alive, but has only (over) ten minutes left to score twice.

RKC-NEC | 70′ Tannane misses penalty

Vaessen grabs a penalty fromTannane! Before the counter that just initiated a chance for Lobete, Adewoye appeared to have committed a foul in the sixteen.

RKC-NEC | 68′ Great chance Lobete

Oy, there Lobete had the tying goal on his shoe. He has the ball in front of him, but hits it all wrong.

With that, a great chance was gone.

RKC-NEC | 61′ Goal RKC!

After a clever move by Seuntjens, who is playing a good game, the ball falls at the feet of Anita. The controller then neatly taps the ball behind Cillessen.

The tension is (somewhat) back.

RKC-NEC | 53′ Good chance Kramer

Kramer seemed to have the ball in front of him at the second post, but just misjudged the situation. It remains 0-3 for now.

RKC-NEC | 48′ Still no penalty for NEC

NEC seemed to get a penalty a few seconds after the game resumed, after Dimata went down in the sixteen. Oukili appeared to have been correctly defended by Oukili after a glance at the VAR screen.

Malen excels at Borussia Dortmund

Borussia Dortmund has taken over the lead in the Bundesliga from Bayern Munich. In a gala performance against 1. FC Köln, it finished no less than 6-1.

Sébastien Haller made two and Donyell Malen also scored again and gave a fine assist. With that, the striker sent a signal to national coach Ronald Koeman, who did not select him for the upcoming European Championship qualifiers.

With smooth combinations, Dortmund played the visitors completely over, which already led to a practically unbridgeable gap at halftime (4-1).

Referee Bos reacts to not given Eagles penalty against Utrecht: ‘Baal ik van’

Watch referee Alex Bos’ reaction after FC Utrecht’s match against Go Ahead Eagles, in which he perhaps should have given a penalty.

Referee Bos reacts to not given Eagles penalty against Utrecht: ‘Baal ik van’

NEC whirled to a 0-3 lead against RKC in ten minutes. Three quarters to go for the home team to achieve a miracle(s).

RKC-NEC | 37′ Seuntjens bangs on the crossbar

A huge peg from Seuntjens ends up on the crossbar. Cillessen could only look at it. It would have been a big boost for RKC if the ball had flown in, after having to concede three goals in ten minutes.

Cillessen, by the way, has a sore nose after colliding with Kramer.

RKC-NEC | 30′ Goal NEC!

It is 0-3 in Waalwijk. Tannane bangs a free kick from about seventeen yards rock hard into the RKC goal.

It’s party time in the away box.

RKC-NEC | 25′ Goal NEC!

And there is the (beautiful) 0-2. Tavsan dribbles past his man with a beautiful move and drives the ball into the top corner behind the chance-less Vaessen.

RKC-NEC | 19′ Goal NEC!

Tannane combines with Dimata and shoots fast and hard. NEC is ahead in Waalwijk.

RKC-NEC | 15′ Cillessen saves again

Lelieveld breaks through on the right, can strike, but is thwarted by Cillessen. The NEC goalkeeper, back with the Dutch national team, was also in the way when Seuntjens had a chance.

RKC-NEC | 11′ Dimata hits the post

Whew, Dimata was very close to the 1-0 for NEC there. Vaessen just barely tapped his header, causing the ball to hit the post.

RKC-NEC | 10′ Guest of honor from NEC in Waalwijk

Former soccer player Jarda Simr is a guest at the Mandemakers Stadium on behalf of NEC. He once shot NEC into Europe in that stadium:

RKC-NEC | 5′ First chance is for RKC

Seuntjens broke through, but his shot is turned away by Cillessen. Other than that, no real chances yet in Waalwijk.

RKC-NEC | 1′ Match started

The last premier league match of this Saturday has started, In Waalwijk RKC – NEC kicked off.

Haaland strikes again, this time in FA Cup

A few days after his gala performance in the Champions League eighth finals, Erling Haaland has once again shown his feet. Whereas on Tuesday he was the executioner with five goals in the 7-0 win against RB Leipzig, on Saturday night he also gave Burnley’s defenders nightmares.

In the quarter-finals of the FA Cup, as against Leipzig, the Norwegian provided the first three goals. That was all, although City still managed to score three more goals, eventually winning 6-0. Burnley, the leader of the Championship

EMM-SPA | 90+3′ Game over: Sparta wins

It’s over in Emmen. Sparta was just too shrewd for the home team, winning 0-2. With that, the Spangenaren slip (at least briefly) over Twente into fifth place.

Excelsior can take over fifteenth place from Emmen tomorrow.

EMM-SPA | 89′ Goal Sparta!

What a wonderful goal by Van Crooij! He outplayed two defenders and shot neatly in.

EMM-SPA | 88′ What can Emmen still do?

FC Emmen tries to mount a closing offensive, but it doesn’t quite get off the ground yet. Sparta also just keeps things locked up well.

RKC-NEC | The lineups

EMM-SPA | 73′ Chance for Emmen

El Messaoudi gets a very big header chance, but forgets to aim for the corner. Olij can save quite simply.

Still: a goal is in the air.

EMM-SPA | 68′ Emmen puts pressure

An offensive from Emmen, which gets a couple of shot chances in succession. Since those two big chances by Verschueren didn’t go in, the home team is still just in the game.

Cruijff penalty fails at Rayo Vallecano

An attempt was made at Rayo Vallecano to imitate Johan Cruijff and Jesper Olsen’s iconic indirect penalty kick. It didn’t quite succeed…

EMM-SPA | 55′ Ball on the crossbar!

Whew, there again Sparta was very close to the 0-2. An incoming cross from Van Crooij was headed onto the crossbar by Verschueren.

Emmen is now under considerable pressure.

Full stands in Rotterdam and Amsterdam at final training sessions before Klassieker

At both Feyenoord and Ajax there were many supporters at the final training before the Klassieker.

Full stands in Rotterdam and Amsterdam at final training sessions before Klassieker

Watch the summary FC Utrecht – Go Ahead Eagles

Watch the summary FC Utrecht – Go Ahead Eagles

EMM-SPA | 46′ Match resumed, immediately a chance

The whistle has just been blown for the second half when Sparta gets a huge chance. From a free kick Verschueren gets a good header chance, but Van der Hart saves.

Also in rebound the ball does not go in.

Shortly after Saito’s 0-1, Emmen is whistled for halftime.

Van Seumeren not happy with Utrecht

According to Jeroen Kapteijns of De Telegraaf, Frans van Seumeren addressed the FC Utrecht selection in the dressing room. His team lost 2-1 to Go Ahead Eagles at home, after a very poor game.

EMM-SPA | 42′ Goal Sparta!

After a dull phase, suddenly there is Saito, who dribbles in very cleverly and shoots into the long corner.

EMM-SPA | 25′ Strong phase Emmen

Emmen, meanwhile, is playing very nice soccer. It did not produce any big chances, but the game will give courage to the citizens of Drenthe.

EMM-SPA | 15′ Duel in balance

No goals yet at FC Emmen against Sparta, but not boring. After the chances for Dirksen, Sparta also got nice opportunities.

Verschuuren and Van Crooij became quite dangerous.

EMM-SPA | 7′ First chance of the match

FC Emmen breaks through on the left flank. A hard shot by Dirksen then flies wide.

EMM-SPA | 1′ Duel started

FC Emmen – Sparta has started.

UTR-GAE | 90+7′ Match over: Go Ahead wins

René Hake takes three points on a visit to his old employer: Go Ahead Eagles wins at FC Utrecht 2-1.

You can’t call it undeserved.

UTR-GAE | 90+4′ Go Ahead Eagles goal!

You felt it coming: the (probably) winning goal for Go Ahead: Willumsson shoots in after a cross from the left by Fontan.

UTR-GAE | 85′ Idzes close to 1-2

From a corner Idzes kicks the ball to the corner. Fortunately for Utrecht, Barkas was in the way with a good save.

The Eagles are still hoping for three points.

UTR-GAE | 80′ Go Ahead attacks (a bit)

The last minutes are for the visitors, who occasionally become dangerous. FC Utrecht sinks further and further away.

For the final phase Younes joins, Boussaid is cleared.

Spurs squander points in Premier League

Tottenham Hotspur lost points to Southampton in the battle for a ticket to the Champions League. The game at St. Mary’s Stadium ended 3-3. James Ward-Prowse scored a penalty in injury time for the home club, who are bottom of the Premier League.

UTR-GAE | 67′ Bad luck for Utrecht

From a corner by Booth, Van der Streek can head in. Via keeper De Lange his effort ends up on the post.

EMM-SPA | Sparta’s lineup

UTR-GAE | 61′ Booth for Labyad

There’s Taylor Booth, who was selected for Team USA. Labyad makes way. Who knows, Booth may yet manage to loosen things up with his creativity.

UTR-GAE | 55′ Duel ripples on

The beginning of the second half is like the beginning of the first: boring. The match calmly ripples on.

Only Lidberg got a (shot) chance, but his effort went wide.

UTR-GAE | 46′ Second half started

Goes again: football is being played again in De Galgenwaard.

EMM-SPA | The line-up of FC Emmen

The first 35 minutes of Utrecht – Go Ahead Eagles were terribly bad (also due to the mediocre pitch) and then suddenly it became fun. Douvikas scored the opening goal, after which Go Ahead woke up and equalized on the stroke of half-time through Edvardsen.

UTR-GAE | 45+4′ Go Ahead Eagles goal!

The score is tied. Ball loss in the build-up is punished by Edvardsen.

UTR-GAE | 42′ No penalty

How crazy, no penalty for Go Ahead Eagles after a clear handsball by Hendriks. Anyway, referee Bos will have his reasons for it, as he still watched the moment back on the VAR screen.

UTR-GAE | 42′ Goal FC Utrecht!

Douvikas makes his thirteenth of the season. The Greek trumps Nauber in a duel and then passes De Lange.

FC Utrecht – Go Ahead Eagles 1-0

The first half of Utrecht – Eagles is lousy. Utrecht seems to be a bit upset after all the sporting setbacks of late. Go Ahead Eagles, on the contrary, looks satisfied with the 0-0 score and quietly hobbles along on the poor pitch in De Galgenwaard.

UTR-GAE 34′ | Chance Van der Streek

From a free kick by Toornstra, which turned in dangerously, Van der Streek gets a chance. Keeper De Lange taps the ball out of the far corner.

UTR-GAE | 24′ Barkas catches Edvardsen’s overtake

Edvardsen cleverly pulls over, but Barkas saves. It was a nice effort after a nice attack by the Eagles.

FC Utrecht lost it a bit the last minutes….

UTR-GAE | 19′ Extra tribute

In the nineteenth minute, play is briefly halted, as before the match, to commemorate the 2019 terror attack in which four people died in Utrecht.

‘In times of need, Utreg stays great,’ reads this banner

UTR-GAE | 17′ Troublesome soccer

The pitch is in rather lousy shape at the Galgenwaard. It makes it impossible for both teams to play good soccer.

UTR-GAE | 11′ First threat Eagles

In the first ten minutes Go Ahead Eagles was still in sleep mode, but just now the team gave a first sign of life. Oppegård passed the ball well from the left, after which Edvardsen was almost able to head in.

For Utrecht it ended with a hisser.

UTR-GAE | 5′ Handy Boussaid

Almost every week midfielder Boussaid is one of the standouts at FC Utrecht, Even in the first minutes of this match he is again a dominant presence, with quick actions and clever passes.

Preparatory work by him and Viergever led to the first chance of the match. Descotte, however, shot straight at De Lange.

UTR-GAE | 1′ Duel Started

We started in De Galgenwaard. Just now a beautiful minute of silence was held in memory of the four victims of the terrorist attack in Utrecht four years ago.

Geertruida extends contract at Feyenoord

Lutsharel Geertruida is to extend his contract at Feyenoord for another year. The 22-year-old defender, who was called up for the Dutch national team for the first time on Friday by national coach Ronald Koeman, commits himself to the Rotterdam club until the summer of 2025. Geertruida announced this prior to the final training session before Sunday’s topper against Ajax.

The Rotterdam native, from Feyenoord’s youth training program, showed the thousands of fans at training complex Varkenoord a shirt with the number 2025 on the back. Geertruida has been a regular at Feyenoord for several years. Coach Arne Slot’s team will defend a three-point lead over Ajax in Sunday’s Klassieker in Amsterdam.

Five times Ajax-Feyenoord from the distant and not so distant past

Ajax against Feyenoord is, as it is called, always a match in itself. The rankings don’t even matter that much, although that doesn’t apply to Sunday’s confrontation, of course. What matters is the lead.

The two rivals faced each other in the league for the first time in Amsterdam on March 5, 1922. It was 2-0 at the time in Het Houten Stadion, Ajax’s first home stadium. Since then, dozens of duels between Ajax and Feyenoord have followed. Below is a small sample of that series.

Volendam did good business again

FC Volendam took further distance from the danger zone yesterday through a 2-1 victory over Fortuna Sittard. With that the club continued its sensational advance from after the winter.

Volendam is now six points clear of the relegation line, though with one more game played. Fortuna Sittard remains eleventh with three points more than the Volendammers.

Watch the summary FC Volendam – Fortuna Sittard

Full stands at De Toekomst at last training session Ajax before Klassieker

Full stands at Ajax’s final training session prior to the Klassieker. Feyenoord players enter the training field later in the day.

Full stands at De Toekomst at Ajax’s final training session before the Klassieker

UTR-GAE | The lineups

Welcome to this blog! Today we follow three duels in the premier league here: FC Utrecht – Go Ahead Eagles, FC Emmen – Sparta and RKC – NEC. Yesterday FC Volendam and Fortuna Sittard kicked off the soccer weekend. In the Kras Stadion Volendam won 2-1.

Tomorrow follows the most important Klassieker in years and PSV, AZ and FC Twente will also play. You can also find news about that here!

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