new slot machines to stand out from the competition

The Joa casino in Antibes is in the process of renewing its fleet of 150 slot machines. With just a few months to go before the start of the summer season, the gambling establishment located on the French Riviera wants to distinguish itself from its competitors. “The idea is to offer something new to our customers in order to be more attractive,” says Alain Pistolesi, the director of the Joa La Siesta casino.

Antibes casino: state-of-the-art slot machines being installed

From new slot machines are being installed at the casino La Siesta in Antibes, which is managed and operated by the Joa group. Since January 1, 25 automatic gaming machines have been installed in the establishment located along the Route du Bord de Mer in Antibes. And in a few days, four new electronic roulette stations will be placed in the table games room equipped with touch screens.

It must be said that the management of the Joa casino in Antibes wishes to renew its existing gaming offer, in accordance with its policy based on novelty and dynamism. ” The longevity of our electronic gaming stations relies primarily on their attractiveness. If we find that our clientele is turning away from a certain model and we can’t upgrade it, we take it out of the room and replace it with another “explains Alain Pistolesi.

Outdated slot machines are stored in reserve, which allows for a quick response to last-minute unforeseen events (broken-down machines, the need to exchange them at another Joa establishment, etc.). However, it must be admitted that most of the time, obsolete slot machines or those that no longer find a taker are destroyed under the control of a state officer, before being sent for scrap.

What do the new gaming terminals at La Siesta Casino look like?

The new electronic gaming devices of the casino Joa d’Antibes work like the old one-armed bandits, except that the mechanical reels have been replaced by a video screen and the crank has been swapped for buttons. ” We have kept a few models of slot machines equipped with an operable arm, as these still have their audience. However, most of our machines are based on new technologies and are always more interactive and intuitive. “Alain Pistolesi continues to explain.

It is worth noting that the manufacturers of casino slot machines are redoubling their ingenuity to please the players, with the latter incorporating an ever-increasing number of features and bonuses. The manufacturers also keep a close eye on the current trends. For example, among the new slot machines at the Joa La Siesta casino in Antibes, there are some with a very popular Asian theme as well as the Game of Thrones series.

Kayleigh Williams