AZ coach Jansen believes in final Conference League victory: ‘Keep it coming’

AZ coach Jansen believes in final Conference League victory: ‘Keep it coming’

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AZ qualified for the quarter-finals of the Conference League with a handsome 2-1 win over Lazio. Midfielder Tijjani Reijnders is proud of the achievement: “I just had a small moment of realization in the dressing room. Last year you went out in this round against Bodø/Glimt.”

Coach Pascal Jansen is just as proud but is already thinking ahead: “We play so many matches, this one is special but the party afterwards is only short. We are already thinking about the next game against FC Twente.”

Final victory not ruled out

Reijnders is not surprised by the win: “Last week we also showed it. It says enough about our qualities, and it makes me proud to be part of this. In the draw, you knew Lazio were not the least, but we always had confidence. It’s nice, but in the next draw we want to be there. Of course we can go far in the Conference League.”

Jansen also believes in that: “The quarterfinals don’t have to be the end. Everything is possible, so a final victory is certainly not out of the question. Let the next one come.”

Jansen after 2-1 win AZ over Lazio: ‘Big compliment, stayed stoic in the face of setbacks’

Jansen also praised his players, including Sven Mijnans and Reijnders. “Mijnans very special, as short as he is with us. But that says enough about his qualities. Reijnders is also special, with all the attention he gets from the outside world.”

Reijnders knows nothing of interest Ajax

That attention from the outside world is about Ajax’s interest in Reijnders. The midfielder says he doesn’t know anything yet: “It’s not good for me to read it all. I am focusing on AZ now and don’t want to be distracted. The coach calls it a big compliment. In the summer I will look at it, but I just signed here.”

Greek striker Vangelis Pavlidis was not surprised by AZ’s passing either: “I know our qualities, the team did well. We kept the ball well with us, and after the 1-1 we were in control.”

Reijnders after win over AZ: ‘Can obviously go far in Conference League’

The striker also had compliments on Wouter Goes, the 18-year-old defender who is playing strongly at center back: “It’s a good player, but he has to stay calm. He has the future, there are a lot of injured players at the back and he took his chance. He is doing very well.”

Pavlidis scored as he did last week against Lazio, and the touching in particular stood out: “That’s half the goal. Jesper Karlsson’s pass is also good. In training you do this 1,000 times, and then you also finish it well. I’m happy with it, because after the goal it became an easier game for us.”

Whether AZ is now among the favorites, Pavlidis certainly won’t say: “Last year we were eliminated by Bodø/Glimt, so this win doesn’t say anything.”

Pavlidis after beautiful goal against Lazio: ‘Attempt is half the goal’

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