Not a second without thinking about your money

Not a second without thinking about your money

Banks fail in the United States, great vitality of neoliberalism or accelerated capitalism, whose characteristic is to be incomprehensible. The more the authorities say that everything is under control, the more panic rises.. The monetary authorities, it is understood, since there are no others. The central banks, the billionaires influencersThe agencies (Moody’s gave SVB the highest rating before it fell). The funny thing this time is that the bank was “doing well”. Is more stupidity possible?

Panic is what most accelerates neoliberalism (neolib), the real incentive to innovate. To innovate now is to get right who you follow and to what extent you believe what they say.. There is no time for more. Those who followed Peter Thiel pulled the dough out of the bank. All this has somewhat diluted Elon Musk, who to regain his egobillion said on Twitter that. Was open to buying the failed bank, SVB.

SVB collapse

When authorities say it’s not going to happen like in 2008 That’s when investors start to tremble. The rest just try to run away. But where to. The happiness of the poor is a day without thinking about money. But that day does not exist. Happiness, for that very reason, does not exist either. The rich still have it worse. They can’t get a thousandth of a second off the mark: sometimes they have to bring down a bank to make it to Friday.

Investors who do not follow the right accounts suffer the failure of banks, even if the wave of cracks takes a few hours to reach their area, the scare, the shock… Again! Families break at the sight of the stock market info:

-You useless, I told you to sell!

That unbridled intensity of the micro-investor of popular capitalism ands the true life of extreme risk (other than rent and fruit) which is measured in mils/quotes.

New “solvent” bank failures help not to get sidetracked and focus on the bottom line, which is the irrational exuberance of the markets

For something to happen (a bankruptcy, a war) there must be more energy driving that something than opposing it. Indifferent power (that silent majority) would be relevant in theory, according to the fashionable quote (“let the good guys do nothing”), but what does not manifest itself does not exist… invisible or innocuous goodness is not such. Goodness without courage does not exist.

War occurs and goes on and on because there are many agents interested in maintaining it. Big profits in arms, oil, concepts. You just have to find a madman to start them and follow them through to the end, which is not easy either. The invasion of Ukraine is also the response of the oil world, which refuses to go away, and of weapons, which are the missile tip of innovation. The world’s problem is not to distribute the surplus food but to run out of ammunition. The more the presence of war and the more ferocity, the more automatic investments, no questions asked. Invasion is like pandemic with masks and vaccines, but with weapons: no more missiles! USA has shown a piece of its next atomic weapons fighter aircraft, the B-21 Raider.

I no longer remember the bank that fell first last week, nor the movies that explained the previous CRACK, which we are still in. This one cannot be as serious as the one in 2008, say the authorities, perhaps because we are still in it, in its atrocious wake. Alan Greenspan is the one who has best defined the essence of neolibwho said “the irrational exuberance of the markets”, a formula that defines the bivalve world, the Newtonian and the quantum, which converge (including technologically) in finance.

Markets are humans running amok and algorithms programmed to run amok in other ways. It is irrational to think that you can raise (or lower, depending on fashion) interest rates (the price of money) at full speed and nothing will happen, apart from widespread hunger and a junk food boom.

The happiness of the rich is one minute without thinking about their money. But, so they say, you can’t. The failure of one, two, three banks, if you look up the historical sequence on Wikipedia, at the World Bank or at the IMF, is the norm, the expected routine of neolib, unrivaled accelerated capitalism, monopoly of itself. If a year goes by without a bank failure, you should tremble. Last year was a Chinese one. Or was it a dream? In fact, according to the system, all banks are broken until proven otherwise. Every day that passes without a crash increases the panic and agony. When the dreaded crash finally comes, the system breathes… and sometimes collapses.

If you manage to go a minute without thinking about your money you are happy but you can lose it all because you haven’t read Peter Thiel’s tweet or whoever is setting the course at the time. Now that’s a influencer. Get out of here, invest there! The extreme happiness of not thinking (about money, there is nothing else) is very expensive, that is why it is the greatest luxury, it is inconceivable not to think about money. Thinking is equivalent to following the right networks (that is why they suppressed the philosophy of studies, to adapt to the world so that the children do not suffer).

Panic on Wall Street

The irrational speed has been inherited by algorithms and the tenuous AI that only shows its paw. Maybe Silicon Valley Bank went bankrupt for not using the facial beauty filter. The series The Consultant clarifies the absurdity of the world: like everything else this series is a freeze-dried and stretched Buñuel. Luis Buñuel is the master of content, the nourishment and inspiration of everything that brews in fictions, in realities and in the mixed zone between the twowhich is increasingly wider and more blurred: the film Buñuel in the labyrinth of the turtles (Salvador Simó, 2018) helps to see this influence.

Let’s see if in this time you and I have lost track of following the accounts that indicate what we have to do and we are losing even our shirts.

Kayleigh Williams