Mission Impossible in Madrid for Liverpool – Will Eintracht give Napoli a hard time?

Mission Impossible in Madrid for Liverpool – Will Eintracht give Napoli a hard time?

Bas Nijhuis is in plaster

Referee Bas Nijhuis is out for a while with a fracture in his arm, he announced from the hospital via Instagram. A tree had fallen on his forearm.

Nijhuis thinks he will be out of action for three to four weeks. He would be in charge of the FC Utrecht – Go Ahead Eagles game next Saturday.

Eintracht fans riot in Naples

Before the soccer match in Naples in the eighth finals of the Champions League between Napoli and Eintracht Frankfurt, heavy brawls broke out between police and supporters of the German club. According to reports in Italian and German media, Eintracht Frankfurt fans, together with Atalanta’s friendly hard core, pelted the police with all kinds of objects in the center of the Italian city. A police car was also set on fire.

Police reportedly responded with tear gas, after being bombarded with bottles, smoke bombs, metal poles and flares. There were also disturbances at the first game in Frankfurt.

There are believed to be hundreds of German visitors in Naples, although they do not have access to the stadium. Italian authorities banned that earlier, fearing disturbances. There were already fears that many Eintracht fans would not let this stop them from making the trip anyway, having tried in many ways to force them to get tickets after all.

UEFA announced Tuesday that Napoli should have admitted the fans. The umbrella body even wants to change the rules so that if a stadium refuses visiting supporters entry the match in question may not be played there.

Kayleigh Williams