Three-year-old girl kills four-year-old sister with gun in Texas

Three-year-old girl kills four-year-old sister with gun in Texas

A three-year-old girl has killed her four-year-old sister with a gun in shot her four-year-old sister in Houston, Texasaccording to Harris County Police.

According to Harris sheriff’s deputy Ed Gonzalez, after the. parental neglectone of the children had access to a loaded semi-automatic pistol and accidentally pulled the trigger. It was then that one of the family members walked into the room and saw the four-year-old girl lying on the floor.

After the 911 callthe police arrived at the scene, the family home where a gathering of family and friends was taking place, and certified the death of the child.

Image of the child, Michael Bragg Jr.

According to curator Ed Gonzalez, “inside the apartment were five adults“, when through the carelessness of all of them, the girl managed to gain access to the firearm.

The Harris County District Attorney’s Office will decide whether any of the adults will face charges for neglecting children and having firearms within reach. “Again, another tragic story.” Ed Gonzalez sentence, following the numerous gun deaths in the United States.

Kayleigh Williams