Fortuna Sittard addresses trainer Velázquez again over anger outbursts

Fortuna Sittard addresses trainer Velázquez again over anger outbursts

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Fortuna Sittard’s club management is going to reprimand head coach Julio Velázquez for his behavior along the line. The Spaniard let himself go on Saturday during the 3-0 loss at home against FC Twente. The visibly angry Velázquez hit the plexiglass of the dug-out several times and also knocked over technical equipment of his club.

Velázquez exploded several times during the match against Twente:

Fortuna coach Julio Velázquez (again) freaks out in dugout

Fortuna previously entered into talks with the 41-year-old Spaniard about his behavior along the field. Velázquez was sent to the stands with two yellow cards by referee Bas Nijhuis in the lost away match against RKC Waalwijk (3-1) a few weeks ago. It automatically earned him a one-match suspension.

Emotions out of control

On Saturday against FC Twente, Velázquez got quite upset because the ball had not stopped at a free kick by the visitors. From the ensuing attack, FC Twente scored the second goal.

“I understand Velázquez’s frustration, because that goal should have been disallowed as well,” Fortuna technical manager Sjoerd Ars told ESPN. “But this behavior is not the way you like to see it. It’s an issue. He is full in his anger and frustration. We think something about that as a club.”

Watch the summary of the match between Fortuna Sittard and FC Twente:

Watch the summary of Fortuna Sittard – FC Twente

“This is not our norm. We are going to discuss his behavior internally. His role model is under a magnifying glass; this behavior distracts from what you’re doing. He is selling himself short. But he also does us as a club a disservice.”

A Fortuna spokesman confirms that the club management is going back into talks with the trainer. According to him, Velázquez did not break anything during his tantrum on Saturday.

After the match, Velázquez said it should not be about his emotions off the field, but about what all had happened on the field.

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