Sloppy Feyenoord gives away win on visit to Telstar in injury time

Sloppy Feyenoord gives away win on visit to Telstar in injury time
Telstar equalizes in injury time

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With piles of snow outside and some bad luck inside the lines, the Feyenoord women drew against Telstar: 1-1

Early in the match there was a notable moment from the referee, who did not award Feyenoord a goal or a penalty kick when they should have.

After a corner by the Rotterdammers, the ball was shot in by Amber Verspaget, but was knocked out of the goal by Telstar player Anna Ursem with her hand, after which the ball hit Verspaget’s hand. The ball also appeared to have crossed the goal line and thus it was a clean goal, but the referees thought otherwise, seeing only Verspaget’s handball.

No goal or at least a penalty kick, no red card for Ursem, but a free kick for Telstar, much to Feyenoord’s dismay.

Feyenoord ahead against Telstar: 1-0 by Amber Verspaget

Feyenoord took the lead in the 31st minute after a nice attack on the right. After some back-and-forth, the ball landed at the feet of Verspaget, who played a fine ball over the goalkeeper to make up for an unassigned goal: 1-0.

Also after halftime most of the chances were for the Rotterdammers. But Jessica Torny’s team failed to score, as Feyenoord players ran in just too late on a cross, for example, so the win was not yet secured.

Then, in injury time, the visitors got the lid on. After a few messy minutes with lots of ball loss on both sides, Telstar suddenly equalized. Isa Gomez lashed out and the ball went via the fingertips of Weimar and the post into the goal: 1-1

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