The American Wirehaired Cat, the only feline breed in the world with a rough coat to the touch.

The American Wirehaired Cat, the only feline breed in the world with a rough coat to the touch.

As we have already seen throughout the feline breed sheets, the type, texture or length of coat among domestic cats is somewhat smaller than among dogs, and until the appearance, in 1966, of the first wire-haired cat, this type of coat was unknown and non-existent in the feline world. In fact, up to the present day, this natural and spontaneous mutation has not been reported to have reoccurred. in any other country.

From two unbred cats living in a barn in upstate New York, a peculiar red bicolor male kitten with an abnormally rough and frizzy coat was born. Intrigued by this condition, the owner of the cats contacted a breeder of rex cats, which we recall are curly-haired breeds, thinking, initially, that it was also this mutation. The breeder immediately recognized that it bore no resemblance to the rex kittens she was familiar with and purchased the cat for $50 to start a breeding program.

This cat, which they named Adam, was the forerunner of the breed and as expected, his appearance aroused great interest among the professional cat breeding world.. It was recognized very quickly in some cat associations, which is somewhat unusual, where only a year later, in 1967, the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) gave it the status of an official breed.

Although it enjoys some popularity in the United States, Canada and Germany, it is. Among the most unknown feline breeds in the world. and with no presence in several countries. It is also pending recognition by other large and international cat organizations.

Illustration of an American bobtail with semi-long hair brown tabby.

It is known that the wirehair gene of this original feline breed is dominant.and genetic studies have revealed that its genetic anomaly is not related to the Rexes or to the North American LaPerm breed.

Rough to the touch, very calm and affectionate.

American Wirehaired are described as cats very sweet, affectionate and highly adaptable. to any environment. They are considered suitable for coexistence with children of all ages and other animals.. The peculiarity of their coat does not require great care and its shedding is lowwhich it shares with the wirehaired dog breeds. They are intermediate activity cats, active and playful at times but not demanding intense exercise.

Almost all the colors and patterns present in feline genetics are admitted except for the colourpoint.

For further information on this unusual breed, please contact the above-mentioned Cat Fanciers Association (CFA). We suggest that the following be considered responsible adoption to extend the family with a feline companion, going to kennels, shelters or protective shelters.

A dog and a cat in a friendly attitude.

Kayleigh Williams