Shoots roommate who mistakenly climbed into daughter’s bed

Shoots roommate who mistakenly climbed into daughter’s bed

A man living in Cape Coral, on the west coast of Florida (U.S.), is facing multiple charges for Shooting a roommate multiple times with a handgun. after he entered by error drunk and naked in the daughter’s bedroom and crawled into her bed, authorities said Friday.

The incident occurred after midnight Wednesday, when Dayne Victor Miller, 44, opened fire at his roommate when the latter had already returned to his room and was in his room with his partner after he accidentally, after excessive drinking, the girl had gone to sleep in the room.according to the statement of the Police of the aforementioned city, located in Lee County.

Miller admitted to police officers that shot through the door of the bedroom upon learning, from his teenage daughter, that a man had been naked in her bed.

The victim “acknowledged having excessive drinkingwho got up to go to the bathroom and, on his way back, mistakenly entered the bedroom of Miller’s daughter, who was asleep in bed,” the Cape Coral Sheriff’s Office said.

Shortly thereafter, the victim’s partner woke up her spouse.shouted at him that this was neither his bedroom nor his bed and they went back to their room together.

But the teenager, who woke up and saw that “a naked man lay asleep next to her, got up and ran to tell his father“.

“A naked man lay asleep beside her, she got up and ran to tell her father.”

The latter, seized with rage, pulled out a pistol and, after knocking on the bedroom door of the person who had lain on the teenager’s bed, which was locked, shouted “I’ll kill you!”. Y opened fire three or four timesaccording to the police.

The couple was unharmedas reported.

The teenager reported to authorities that, at no time, did she suffer any type of attempted sexual abuse or touching.

Miller, who explained what had happened to law enforcement officials, was arrested and taken to an jail Lee County Jail.

Kayleigh Williams