Harsh words in time of crisis at FC Volendam: ‘This village has been poisoned’

Harsh words in time of crisis at FC Volendam: ‘This village has been poisoned’

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Unrest at FC Volendam: ‘This village really gets good at incitement and damaging people’

FC Volendam may be neatly fourteenth in the premier league, but relations at the club are seriously disturbed, as was once again evident Thursday evening during a meeting for supporters in event hall De Jozef in Volendam.

Whereas chairman Jan Smit still called his home village the eighth wonder of the world during an introductory talk, he then went in with a straight face. “This village is poisoned by jealousy, stupidity, incitement and rancor,” said the singer and television presenter.

“Even tonight there are people present who knowingly spread misinformation,” Smit continued. “Behind someone’s back damaging people and preferably stabbing them in the back with a dagger. That’s what this village is really good at.”

Criticism of ‘Team Jonk’

The board, led by Smit, and the club’s supervisory board have differed on the course to be taken for some time. Volendam promoted to the premier league last season after thirteen years with Jonk, yet there has been criticism.

Critics say the influence of Jonk, technical director Jasper van Leeuwen and director of soccer development Ruben Jongkind, who together with some confidants call themselves “Team Jonk,” is too great. The rvc fears that ‘Team Jonk’ is taking over the club, believes that too much money is being spent and that the youth training is not functioning.

Wim Jonk (m) and Ruben Jongkind (r)

The rvc recently stopped the appointment of Keje Molenaar as vice president and wanted to terminate the contract of coach Jonk, among others, as of April 1. Chairman Smit felt “screwed” and responded Tuesday with the message that the commitments of Jonk, his staff and management will be extended until 2026.

That same evening, the board and the rvc sat down for more than four hours. That conversation produced a temporary truce in the power struggle. But the air certainly did not appear to have cleared on Thursday.

‘Then I’ll throw Keje under the bus’

“You didn’t want to renew our contracts Jaap,” Jonk told the rvc members. “While things are finally going well with the club again. The stadium is full again and kids are wearing orange shirts. According to you, it is also a passed station that Keje Molenaar will join the board. But that’s not it for us hear.”

Holding up Molenaar’s appointment remained a major point of contention. Rvc chairman Jaap Veerman did not want to explain. “Because then I will throw Keje under the bus and I won’t do that tonight,” he said.

Jaap Veerman, chairman of the rvc

The budget was also the subject of discussion. Volendam has a deficit of 1.2 million euros on a budget of more than 9 million euros. “But that can become almost 2 million euros,” cried rvc president Veerman from the hall. “What if we stay in the premier league, then we have to pay out bonuses.”

“I find this so low of you Jaap,” Smit responded. “We talked for four hours on Tuesday and you of the rvc approved everything. Then we smoked a peace pipe and now you start like this. I’d rather not say it, but I personally guarantee a deficit of 1.2 million euros.”

And so it went on for a while. It remained unsettled at The Dike for a long time.

Kayleigh Williams