‘Stadium is not built for that’

‘Stadium is not built for that’
Floris van der Linden (Spakenburg) celebrates the victory

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It is uncertain whether PSV supporters in Bunschoten will be able to attend the cup match between Spakenburg and PSV. That is what Spakenburg chairman Marc Schoonebeek says.

“I don’t know yet if we can welcome a good number of them,” Schoonebeek said at Along The Line And Surroundings. “We’re an amateur stadium and that’s not built on separate streams of supporters. You have to be able to let them pass each other in a certain way. That’s still not easy in the way we have our complex situated.”

Supporters of SV Spakenburg

That Sportpark De Westmaat will be the battleground of the semi-final match between Spakenburg and PSV on April 4 became clear late Tuesday afternoon.

Schoonebeek let it be known that the possibility of hosting PSV supporters will be looked at later, but that it will be “not a thousand”. “And not 500 either… It could be 300, so to speak.”

The club’s president says he can accommodate about 7,000 Spakenburg fans at the stadium.

Surprise of the tournament

Amateur club Spakenburg surprised friend and foe last week when it beat premier league side FC Utrecht 4-1. Earlier in the tournament, coach Chris de Graaf’s team already won 3-2 at FC Groningen.

After rival and neighbor IJsselmeervogels in 1975 and VVSB in 2016, Spakenburg is the third amateur club to reach the last four of the cup.

Kayleigh Williams