Princess Magdalena and Chris O’Neill’s long list of moves, now back to Stockholm

Princess Magdalena and Chris O’Neill’s long list of moves, now back to Stockholm

Princess Madeleine of Sweden has so far led a life marked by moves. Just now she is about to plunge into a new change, as she is about to move back to Stockholm. has decided to leave the United Stateswhere he left more than ten years ago, to settle with his family in Stockholm.

The Duchess of Hälsingland and her husband, Chris O’Neill, will move to the Swedish capital with their three children.Leonore, Nicolas and Adriennem during the summer. As reported by the Royal House in a statement, they will do so in an apartment in the stables of the court.

This decision has surprised everyone since it has been more than a decade since the princess first left for the United States. In 2010 she moved to New York after ending her engagement to Jonas Bergström. And there she fell in love with her current husband

Princess Magdalena and Chris O'Neill with their son Nicolas.
Princess Madeleine and Chris O’Neill with their son Nicholas.
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They were married in 2013 in Sweden, although Days later they returned to the American city.where a year later their daughter Leonore was born. A few months later they moved to Stockholm and there they welcomed Nicholas in 2015.

When the little baby was a few months old, O’Neill left for London and was soon joined by Magdalena and her children. The reason was none other than. Chris’s work commitmentsas they confessed.

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The family moved into a loft between Belgrave Square and Hyde Park, where they lived between 2015 and 2018, year in which little Adrienne was bornalthough during a period when they were in Stockholm.

That year they decided to head for Florida because it was “a good time for the family because the children are still small. Chris has more or less grown up in the United States, so for him it’s like coming home.”

They first stayed in a rented house in Miami, but two years later they suffered a robbery that caused them to move to the residential area of a luxurious villa with all kinds of comforts. There they will stay until they start their new move to Stockholm.

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