‘Wim opts for the fairy tale’

‘Wim opts for the fairy tale’
Wim Jonk

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Wim Jonk will stay longer at FC Volendam. The coach’s expiring contract has been broken open and extended to mid-2026.

“We are not done here yet,” he announced via the club channel. “One of my goals was to play the stadium full again. We succeeded and that feels incredibly good. It’s alive in the village, kids are going to their favorite club in orange again. I’m happy to do my bit to continue.”

A few months ago, Jonk’s days seemed numbered in the fishing village. At the turn of the year, the club stood disconsolately last with six points and players were said to have complained to Smit about the coach.

“Fortunately, Wim chooses the fairy tale and lets his heart speak,” Smit said. “He can go anywhere, yet he wants to continue building with us. I did lie awake several nights in recent months, too, because I was afraid our shared dream would fall apart.”

Distance from relegation zone

Partly due to five wins after the winter break, FC Volendam climbed to fourteenth place, distancing themselves from the relegation zone. However, the crisis was not yet defused with that. The great influence of Jonk and his team would lead to resistance within the club.

Wim Jonk talked about the managerial crisis two weeks ago:

Jonk on FC Volendam board crisis: ‘I get enough things’

The club’s board and supervisory board have differed on the course to be taken for some time. For example, the appointment of Keje Molenaar as vice chairman was blocked by the rvc.

Jonk was appointed head coach of FC Volendam in 2019 and promoted to the premier league with the club last season.

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