“If he doesn’t step on the brakes, there will surely be conflict with Beijing.”

“If he doesn’t step on the brakes, there will surely be conflict with Beijing.”

China has changed its foreign minister and Qin Gang has made his debut in the post with a stern warning against Washington. “If the U.S. does not step on the brakes and continues to accelerate down the wrong road, there will be no guardrail that can prevent the derailment and there will surely be conflict and confrontation“, he expressed in his first press conference, directly blaming the White House for tensions that seem to be growing as time goes by.

In this regard, Qin assures that Beijing wants to avoid any frontal clash “but in reality, the alleged competence of the United States is containment and total suppressiona zero-sum game in which you die and I live.”

In this sense, from the Asian giant they consider that the United States is leading the West towards a rejection of Beijing’s way of doing politics. “The Western countries, led by the United States, carried out a containment, encirclement and total suppression of China.which created serious and unprecedented challenges for the development of our country,” the minister said.

Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang.

Xi’s government does not, on the other hand, reject cooperation with Moscow. Quite the contrary. Beijing believes that with Russia and China working together, the world will be more multipolar and there will be “greater democracy” in international relations, adding that their relationship “is not a threat to any country.”

“With China and Russia working together, [theworldwillhaveadrivingforcetowardmultipolarityandgreaterdemocracy in international relations,” the head of Chinese diplomacy said. Gang affirmed that the ties between Beijing and Moscow are not subject to any interference or discord “sown by a third party”. Thus, he stressed that the more unstable the world becomes, “the more imperative it is for China and Russia to constantly advance their relations”, while stressing that their relationship is not a threat to any country. Meanwhile, the Chinese Foreign Minister stressed that China is “firmly” opposed to “any form of hegemonism and power politics”.

“We We strongly oppose the Cold War mentality.the act-based confrontation to contain and restrain the development of other countries. We will resolutely safeguard China’s sovereignty, security and development interests,” Gang told the media, CGTN reported.

Kayleigh Williams