Feyenoord and Volendam do good business – Classic in cup semifinals

Feyenoord and Volendam do good business – Classic in cup semifinals

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Three matches in the premier league today.

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Thanks for following our blog. Tomorrow we will be back with the last four games of this weekend. Excelsior-Sparta, RKC-PSV, Ajax-NEC and Cambuur-Go Ahead.

TWE-HEE | Match Report

Ron Jans shouts it out along the line

FC Twente sees win against Heerenveen slip through fingers in closing minute: 3-3

FC Twente and sc Heerenveen drew 3-3 in an attractive game. The number five in the Eredivisie looked like winning for a long time, but an equalizer in the last minute allowed the Frisians to take a point away from Enschede after all.

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TWE-HEE | 90+3′ Finished!

Twente seemed on their way to a smooth win just after halftime, but Heerenveen proved a tough team tonight. 3-3 in Enschede.

Mbappé club’s all-time leading scorer for PSG


And there is the goal for Heerenveen. Kaib heads in from a corner to make it 3-3.

TWE-HEE | 86′ Final Phase Breaks

Does Heerenveen manage to get another point out of it? Still a long way to go in Enschede.

Draw KNVB cup; Klassieker and Spakenburg-PSV

The draw for the semi-finals of the KNVB Cup has just been made. The matches will be played on April 4, 5 or 6.

Draw semi-finals KNVB cup

TWE-HEE | 70′ Twente almost

There was almost the second from Ugalde there. Kaib slipped then Ugalde rounded the goalkeeper, but his effort after that was still turned.

Miedema reacts to Classic


Suddenly it’s a game again. Twente seemed headed for a simple win, but Heerenveen does something back. Van Ewijk shoots hard on Tahiri’s pass.


A beautiful attack is promoted to goal by Cerny. With the outside right, Steijn sends Van Wolfswinkel away. The striker lays back to Cerny, who shoots for the 3-1.

FEY-GRO | Match report

Oussama Idrissi celebrates his goal

Feyenoord remain on title course, thanks to hard-fought win over ten Groningers

Feyenoord can quietly begin the countdown. Ten games still separate the Rotterdammers from the national title, although against FC Groningen (1-0) it became clear that caution is called for in all those euphoric feelings.

Even after a silly red card for Isak Määttä, Feyenoord struggled to create chances against the tough Groningers. It wasn’t even meant to be a shot on goal, Oussama Idrissi’s cross that just turned into the goal two minutes before time.

FEY-GRO | Feyenoord strong outside the sixteen

Feyenoord have already scored 20 premier league goals from outside the penalty area this season. Since Gracenote Sports has this data (from 2005/2006), only Ajax managed to score at least 20 times from outside the sixteen-meter area in a premier league season: 20 times in 2006/2007 and 2012/2013.


Ugalde has just come into the lines and immediately important for the home team. He heads a long ball from Unnerstall, then picks up the ball himself and slips past Bruma who slips. He then shoots hard.

TWE-HEE | 46′ Second half

The final 45 minutes of this premier league night have begun.

FEY-GRO | 90+5′ End of match

It was tough and certainly not automatic, but frontrunner Feyenoord wins 1-0 over FC Groningen.

FEY-GRO | 90+3′ Feyenoord goal disallowed

Bullaude appeared to end this match with his first Feyenoord goal, but Gimenez was offside when he hit the post moments before.


There is the redeeming goal for the Rotterdammers. Idrissi delivers a cross, but the ball flies into the goal. 1-0 for Feyenoord.

In Enschede, the first half is now over. 1-1.

FEY-GRO | 86′ Groningen escapes!

Bullaude hits the crossbar from close range, Gimenez heads just over from the rebound. With hanging on, Groningen tries to get a point.

FEY-GRO | 76′ Feyenoord presses, great chance Danilo

Feyenoord are diligently looking for the opening goal, but Groningen are still holding out. Now it is Danilo who has the ball in front of him, but he shoots straight at Verrips. After that Groningen is dangerous through Pepi.

Depay scores twice for Atletico

FEY-GRO | Szymanski makes comeback


It’s equal again in Enschede. Pröpper gets high on a Twente corner and heads beautifully into the far corner.


A goal is scored in Enschede. A corner is headed through after which Mees Hilgers works the ball into his own goal. 1-0 for Heerenveen.

TWE-HEE | 17′ Twente dominates at home

The initial phase in Enschede is for the home team. Twente has most of the ball, goals not yet though.


Groningen must continue with ten men after red for Isak Määttä. The Norwegian received a yellow for time-wasting in injury time of the first half and now receives his second yellow card for shooting a lying Jahanbakhsh full in the stomach.

VOL-EMM | Match Report

Goal scorer Daryl van Mieghem

Volendam knocks off Emmen in closing stages and remains unbeaten at home in 2023

A curious own goal, an equalizer from a wrongly given corner kick and two late goals after defensive blunders. These were the main ingredients of the relegation cracker between FC Volendam and FC Emmen: 3-1.

The narrow victory means FC Volendam retains its unbeaten status in home matches in 2023. Earlier, Vitesse, FC Groningen and RKC Waalwijk were beaten, while AZ was held to a draw. But more importantly, Volendam takes further distance from Emmen on the league table. The difference between the numbers fourteen and sixteen of the Eredivisie rises to five points.

FEY-GRO | 46′ Second half

In Rotterdam, the ball is rolling again.

We started in Enschede between the number five and ten of the premier league.

TWE-HEE | Some facts in a row

– Twente recorded the largest of 15 home victories over Heerenveen in 2008: 6-0, thanks in part to a hat-trick by Blaise NKufo. Seven of the 29 editions, the Frisians won.

– Both Twente and Heerenveen won only one of its last six duels. Twente is fifth, Heerenveen tenth.

– Heerenveen coach Kees van Wonderen won the national title with FC Twente in 2010 as coach Steve McClaren’s assistant.

– Ramiz Zerrouki (FC Twente) has been suspended. It is the 2nd premier league game Zerrouki will miss this season, following the lost derby against Go Ahead Eagles on Feb. 19 (2-0).

– FC Twente plays its 400th premier league match at De Grolsch Veste. On May 10, 1998, PSV was defeated 3-0 at the opening. Chris De Witte was the first goal scorer.

Feyenoord became increasingly stronger as the first half progressed, but did not become very dangerous in the process. Groningen held firm for the time being, although they will not want to be under such heavy pressure for another 45 minutes.

FEY-GRO | 43′ Chance Gimenez

At the moment when there are quite a few fireworks going off outside the stadium, a little fireworks inside the stadium. Gimenez kicks from close range straight into the hands of goalkeeper Verrips.

TWE-HEE | Setup Heerenveen

TWE-HEE | Line-up FC Twente

VOL-EMM | 90+4′ Finished!

Volendam fell behind, but thanks in part to several mistakes at the back by Emmen, the home team wins 3-1.


Another fumble in the Emmen defense. This time it is Veendorp who kicks back too softly to his keeper. Van Mieghem takes full advantage and makes it 3-1.

FEY-GRO | 30′ Feyenoord gets stronger

Groningen started strongly and became dangerous a couple of times, but after half an hour of play it was Feyenoord that struck the clock at De Kuip. It did not result in any great chances yet, but it did result in several corners.


The home team took the lead just before time. Julius Dirksen did not head a ball away properly, after which Bilal Ould-Chikh picked up the ball and shot.

VOL-EMM | 83′ Not yet played though

Now there is a chance for Emmen’s Zivkovic. With just under ten minutes left to play, both teams still seem hungry for a goal.

FEY-GRO | 18′ Great chance Hancko

The first big chance of the match for the home team. Pedersen is sent away by Hancko on the right side, the back tries to reach Idrissi with a cross, but it is cleared. Hancko has run along and wants to pop the falling ball in, but Blokzijl is in the way.

Depay in the starting lineup against Sevilla

FEY-GRO | 7′ Manu dangerous

The former Feyenoord player is a plague for the home team in the first few minutes. First, he heads alone towards goalkeeper Wellenreuther, but plays the ball too far in front of him to be dangerous. Moments later he seems to escape again, but Pedersen pulls the handbrake. It earns the Norwegian an early yellow card.


It is equal again in Volendam. Benaissa Benamar gets high above the Emmen defense and heads in. 1-1.

Meanwhile, in Rotterdam, the match also started.

FEY-GRO | Manu third time against Feyenoord

Former Feyenoord player Elvis Manu (38 premier league matches, 8 goals) will start for the third time in a premier league match against Feyenoord. In his first game against Feyenoord (then by Cambuur as a mercenary from Feyenoord), coach Henk de Jong substituted him after only 33 minutes.

8-0 Feyenoord – Go Ahead Eagles (April 5, 2017)

5-1 Feyenoord – SC Cambuur (April 27, 2014)

VOL-EMM | 56′ Emmen escaped


It was actually waiting in the first half for the first goal to fall, now that the second half is only 16 seconds old, it immediately hits. Emmen kicks off and shoots the ball forward. A Volendam defender heads through after which Stankovic and Mbuyamba don’t quite understand each other. Romeny picks up the ball and kicks it at the post. Stankovic then falls into the goal with ball and all.

FEY-GRO | Szymański back at Feyenoord

The Polish international was injured in the January 29 game against FC Twente and has been sidelined since. Against Groningen he will be back on the bench. Slot already hinted at yesterday’s press conference that Szymański would be there, possibly making minutes as a substitute.


Buijs looked into Slot’s kitchen: ‘He can articulate in simple terms what could be better’

Last season, Arne Slot reached the final of the Conference League with his new Feyenoord coach. He saw many important players leave, but quickly forged another team that achieved good results in the Netherlands and Europe. The Rotterdammers have even regained sight of the national title in a long time.

He also performed well at SC Cambuur and AZ, with a recognizable style of play. What makes Slot manage to do this every time? The answer comes from Danny Buijs, who is without a club after working at FC Groningen and KV Mechelen and spent a week with Feyenoord and Slot.

FEY-GRO | Some facts at a glance

– Feyenoord are chasing their 30th home win over Groningen. The Groningers traveled to De Kuip 42 times and won three times.

– Four of the last six premier league matches between Feyenoord and Groningen ended in a draw. Feyenoord won 2-0 in November 2020 and 3-0 in Groningen earlier this season.

– Groningen last triumphed in 2007: 0-4. At Feyenoord, Georginio Wijnaldum made his debut then.

– Number 17 Groningen recorded its first win in 4 months last Saturday by beating Excelsior 3-0.

– Groningen coach Dennis van der Ree was assistant to Feyenoord coach Arne Slot last season.

The first half is over in Volendam. Although it is still 0-0 it is certainly not boring at the dike. Volendam started strong, then Emmen dictated. A few hair-raising moments in front of the Volendam goal did not result in anything, but it must be strange if it stays 0-0 after halftime.

No winner, but 31,000 spectators at first women’s classic in Arena

Draw after historic match women’s teams Ajax and Feyenoord

The first Klassieker between the Ajax and Feyenoord women’s teams at the Johan Cruijff Arena ended in a 1-1 draw. A disappointing result for number two on the league table, Ajax, against number six Feyenoord. This points loss increased the difference with leaders FC Twente to five points.

In 2014, the Ajax women played in the Arena for the first time, against FC Twente. But since then the matches were again finished at Sportpark de Toekomst, Ajax’s training complex. Until today. At this memorable match, the Arena was quite full with over 31,000 visitors.

De Ligt scores for Bayern

With a hard shot from outside the box, the Dutchman put his club ahead 1-0 in the away match against Stuttgart.

VOL-EMM | Strong Stage Emmen

FEY-GRO | Setup Feyenoord

FEY-GRO | Drafting Groningen

VOL-EMM | 6′ First chances for Volendam

After a smooth attack, the first ticks are distributed by the home team. First it is Van Mieghem who takes the goal under fire from the left, and moments later Henk Veerman shoots at goal from the same angle. In both cases goalkeeper Mickey van der Hart is well in the way.

The home team kicked off. We started in Volendam.

Footballers Ajax and Feyenoord draw

Finished in Amsterdam, where it ended 1-1 through goals by Maxime Bennink (Feyenoord) and Ashleigh Weerden (Ajax).

Meanwhile in Amsterdam…

…the Ajax and Feyenoord soccer players play against each other in the Johan Cruijff Arena. This match can be seen live on NOS.nl and in the NOS app via this link.

Kay-Lee the Sander of Ajax

VOL-EMM | Player bus arrived

Emmen’s player bus arrives in Volendam

VOL-EMM | Some facts in a row

– This is Volendam’s first premier league game. In Emmen it was 1-1 (0-1 Walid Ould-Chikh, 1-1 Ahmed El Messaoudi).

– Number 14 Volendam has two points more than number 16 Emmen. Volendam is unbeaten at home in 2023 (10 points).

– Volendam let Emmen come back from 2-0 (goals by Daryl van Mieghem and Robert Mühren) to 2-2 (2x Jeredy Hilterman) in the previous edition, in 2021 in the first division.

– Brian Plat and Gaetano Oristanio (Volendam) are suspended.

Three matches today in the 24th playing round of the premier league. Volendam and Emmen kick off at 18:45, Feyenoord and Groningen at 20:00 and at 21:00 Twente and Heerenveen conclude the evening.

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