Brawl after FC Volendam-FC Emmen, officers assaulted

Brawl after FC Volendam-FC Emmen, officers assaulted

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Things got out of hand in Volendam yesterday after the match between FC Volendam and FC Emmen between fans of the two clubs. Footage circulating online shows dozens of supporters attacking each other, including with bicycles.

According to police, three officers were victims of beatings by supporters. “There was beating, kicking and throwing material at officers,” a spokesperson said. They suffered unknown physical injuries in the process, but did not need to go to the hospital.

One person has been arrested. It is a 33-year-old man from Emmen, who was arrested on his way back to his residence in Zwolle. He is suspected in two of the three cases of assault.

The brawl took place behind a block of houses separated from the FC Volendam stadium by a ditch. According to police, it got out of hand when Emmen supporters were led to the buses in the parking lot.

More arrests may follow. Police say they are reviewing footage from surveillance cameras in the area in addition to online footage.

FC Volendam won the match at the bottom of the premier league 3-1 against FC Emmen.

Kayleigh Williams