The U.S. Army has a new ship that can be autonomous for 30 days.

The U.S. Army has a new ship that can be autonomous for 30 days.

The U.S. Navy has taken delivery of a prototype ship that can operate and sail autonomously for 30 days without any kind of human intervention.

The ‘USNS Apalachicola (EPF-13)’ vessel is part of the development of unmanned ships that could transform combat in the coming decades, plus its shallow hull design for seamless maneuvering.

Regarding its characteristics, USNS Apalachicola (EPF-13) has a maximum speed of. 40 knots, carries a payload of 544 metric tons, can carry humans, will be used as an unmanned mission platform or anti-submarine weapons platform, supports flight operations and has a automated machinery control system. (MCS).

EPF 13 is the first expeditionary fast transport ship to be delivered to the Navy for. support flight operations.. Likewise, these upgrades along with proven high speed are essential for future U.S. Navy expeditionary forward basing operations.

Some submarines include silent materials.

Rusty Murdaugh (president of Austal USA) reports in statement that “Austal USA is proud to deliver this boat to our Navy, it is innovative and will be a critical asset as unmanned capabilities continue to push the envelope and redefine how missions are accomplished. A lot of capability is being provided to our warfighters with this ship and I’m incredibly proud of our team of shipbuilders“.

Manufacturer Austal USA continues to advance the autonomous capability of this vessel, consequently partnering with L3Harris companies to enhance the vessel and unmanned technology at the epicenter of autonomous naval architecture.

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Kayleigh Williams