Biden’s doctor discloses that he had a breast carcinoma removed two weeks ago

Biden’s doctor discloses that he had a breast carcinoma removed two weeks ago

Kevin O’Connorthe doctor of the President of the United States, Joe Biden, confirmed this Friday that the President had the following removed basal cell carcinoma in the breast during surgery last month.

O’Connor has explained in a memo that the biopsy confirmed that the small lesion Biden was suffering from was a basal cell carcinoma, one of the most common types of skin cancer, as reported by the White House.

The doctor has stressed that the area was treated during the biopsy, “it has healed very well” and that he does not require further treatment. “The president will continue dermatologic surveillance as part of his ongoing comprehensive medical care,” he has remonstrated.

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Biden, who is 80 years old, already expressed before last November’s midterm elections that, despite the fact that he “he could drop dead tomorrow.” the important thing is his energy, and thus stressed that it was “entirely legitimate” for Americans to judge him on his state of health.

“In terms of how much I can do, I think people should look and say: ‘Do you still have the same passion for what you’re doing?’“, the U.S. president said in an interview with MSNBC, broadcast by The Hill.

Rumors about his health

In recent months, the debate of Biden’s health status has been reignited after different videos in which he appears disoriented. Despite this, the U.S. president maintains his desire to aspire to a second term in the White House, although by then he would already be 81 years old.

Biden, who became in 2020 the oldest person to assume power in the United States, has previously indicated that he would he can maintain the same high standards in office, citing regular travel both domestically and internationally.

Tradition dictates that whoever sits in the Oval Office does so for eight years, or at least aspires to do so, so the fact that Biden stepped down motu proprio for re-election would be a milestone in American politics. and could to some extent set the path for alternative Democratic challengers.

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