American Bobtail, a wild-looking cat with an affectionate, cheerful and playful character.

American Bobtail, a wild-looking cat with an affectionate, cheerful and playful character.

The American bobtail, as its name suggests, originated in the United States, specifically in Arizona, in the late 1960s. The first American bobtail was born from an unwanted litter between a Siamese and a common cat. tabbywho had a short tail. A couple on vacation adopted the only kitten who inherited his father’s tail and named him Yodie.

Yodie, like his father, was a cat. large, robust and semi-long-haired cat.with a wild appearance which led to think that their ancestors could have come from mating with some wildcat of the region, but later genetic studies of the breed have disproved this legend that, even today, can be read on the Internet.

Despite its name, it has no kinship with the Japanese bobtail and no kinship with the Manx breed. Its development and mutation, therefore, are considered natural. The problem arose when, due to mismanagement of the breeding program by the owners of Yodie, the offspring lines began to show serious health problems.This led to a search throughout the United States for cats with truncated or short tails as a basis for a new breeding line. This resulted in the present day, the Yodie lineage is extinct.and although it is considered the first American bobtail, in reality the breed was developed by crossbreeding between existing breeds and specifically looking for the appearance that this feline showed naturally, and not by reproductive selection.

Because of this, associations such as the International Feline Federation (FIFe) have not granted it the status of breed, considering that it does not meet the conditions that they contemplate in their regulations and that rejects the creation of new breeds by crossing breeds that already exist.

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The tail, the most characteristic feature of the American bobtail, should show. a very specified appearance in the standardThe hair is 2.5 cm longer than 2.5 cm (2 vertebrae) but may not exceed 10 cm. The International Cat Association (TICA) admits both the semi-longhaired and short-haired varieties, as well as all colors and patterns present in the genetics of the domestic cat.

Very slow maturing, curious and docile.

American bobtails reach maturity and full physical development at about three years of age. Their exceptional character in coexistence has led them to be called, affectionately, the “golden retrievers of cats”.. They are suitable with children and other animals, and although there is concern about the health of the breed due to their genetic abnormality, particularly in relation to their spine and nervous system, there are no conclusive studies showing that they are more predisposed to developing problems. because of the malformation of their tail.

American bobtail breeders and cohabitators describe them as being cats of very homely and human-oriented behavior.with a wide repertoire of vocalizations to communicate and moderately active.

For further information on American bobtails, please refer to the aforementioned TICA. We recommend that responsible adoption be valued to introduce a cat into the family by going to shelters, municipal kennels or shelters, where they can advise us on the cat that best fits our lifestyle.

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