Ukraine takes Western fighter jets for granted as Russia warns of long “military operation”

Ukraine takes Western fighter jets for granted as Russia warns of long “military operation”

One of the premises that has been repeated in recent days is that the Russian invasion of Ukraine has become a fully chronicled war. All the actors manage very long-term timelines and the diplomatic track is non-existent -as it has been all along-, especially if one looks at the picture of the very battered relations between Russia and the United States. In this scenario, Kiev takes it for granted that it will receive its longed-for fighter planes donated by the West and the Kremlin assures that the offensive will not stop.

Volodimir Zelensky’s allies have only promised him that they will study his request for fighters, but it is a very complex debate that will not be resolved in the short term. Despite this, Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksei Reznikov assured Friday that the Ukrainian forces Will receive fighter jets of “two or three types” at some point from their allies.. He did not put deadlines, but assumes that it is a “yes” that will eventually come, as has already happened with the tanks.

“I think there will be some sort of coalition formed again, and I’m sure there will be two or three types of fighters.”he said during an interview with the German newspaper Bild. Thus, he explained that “there will be a main type of aircraft and it will depend on which one best suits Ukrainian engineers and facilities”. Reznikov has precisely compared this situation with that of tanks: “in the coalition for tank shipment, the main tank was the Leopard from Germany, but we also have Challenger, Abrams, and lighter ones that have arrived from France”.

Alleged saboteurs in the Russian Bryansk region.

He has also recalled that Germany, at the time, insisted on refusing to send tanks, a position it had to change as the Russian invasion of Ukraine progressed. “Now there are already German tanks in Ukraine.”He pointed out before stressing that the idea of Russia using nuclear weapons is a “bluff” because “it has run into a clear message from China and India”.

On the other hand, the Ukrainian minister ruled out the possibility of talks with “dictator Vladimir Putin,” following precisely Zelenski’s argument. “My president has already made this very clear, that we will not negotiate with the current head of the Kremlin. Ukraine is ready to negotiate issues of reparations, create an international tribunal and bring those responsible before justice for their war crimes in a kind of Nuremberg trials,” he has argued.

All in all, Russia is not going to slow down, and its Foreign Ministry has once again insisted that the “special military operation,” a euphemism by which Moscow refers to the invasion, will continue until the “denazification” of the country is completed.. In a statement Foreign Affairs recapitulates the events that have transpired in Ukraine, starting from the Euromaidan clashes in 2014, the subsequent Russian annexation of Crimea and the subsequent disputes between Kiev and Moscow.

With the outbreak of war, Russia has reminded that “Washington and its NATO allies. continue to steadily implement geopolitical plans to destroy Russia“, supplying weaponry to the Ukrainian Armed Forces and training its troops. “For all these years, the ‘collective West,’ which has nurtured the neo-Nazi regime in Kiev, has turned it into an obedient instrument with which it vainly tries to inflict a strategic defeat on Russia,” the Foreign Ministry has remarked.

Okinotorishima islands, owned by Japan.

Thus, from Moscow they have accused the Ukrainian president, Volodimir Zelenski, that promoting the ‘Peace Formula’ project which, however, aims to “form an anti-Russian coalition” driven from Western countries. “Obviously, the special military operation will continue until the tasks of denazification and demilitarization of Ukraine and elimination of threats are completed. to security emanating from its territory,” the Foreign Ministry has concluded.

More aid from the United States

On the other hand, The United States approved a new $400 million package on Friday. in military aid for Ukraine, coinciding with a visit to Washington by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to mark the first anniversary of the Russian invasion. The new package, the 33rd the U.S. has sent to Kiev, includes ammunition for the HIMARS long-range missile system and Bradley tanks, among other weapons, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in a statement.

Russia could end its war today. Until it does, we will remain united with Ukraine.

Russia could end its war today. Until it does, we will remain united with Ukraine.strengthening its Army on the battlefield,” the leader of U.S. diplomacy warned. Blinken also highlighted the “incredible commitment” expressed by more than 50 allied countries that have so far been delivering support to Ukraine to “defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity.” The United States is the largest donor of arms and humanitarian support to Ukraine, with nearly $30 billion approved to date.

The total lack of consensus was further demonstrated these days at the G-20 foreign ministers’ summit. The EU, in fact, has accused China and Russia of boycotting precisely the agreement.. “We strongly regret that Russia and China broke away from the consensus on paragraphs 3 and 4 of the declaration which denounce Russia’s war in Ukraine, recognize the impact on the humanitarian situation and the global economy and reiterate the importance of respecting international law,” Foreign Affairs spokeswoman Nabila Massrali said at a press conference.

Kayleigh Williams