‘No time to grieve’

‘No time to grieve’

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That it has to be better than against Spakenburg, Utrecht coach Michael Silberbauer also knows. “There is still enough to play for this season. It’s unfortunate that we can’t make it through the cup, but we can still get European soccer through the league. There is no time to grieve for long.”

Dane mainly wants to look forward. “What’s done is done,” said the coach, who did not witness the sob Tuesday night. Silberbauer was lying on his bed in a dark room with a migraine, but did watch the game back.

On Twitter, Michael Silberbauer called on supporters to stay behind the team.

Jens Toornstra had trouble catching sleep after the cup blamage. He cannot remember being so humiliated as a player. “Not like in this match. I was also there at the time when we were eliminated in Europe by Differdange (semi-pros from Luxembourg, ed.). That one came pretty close, but I thought this one was even worse.”

The fact that Silberbauer could not sit on the bench is not something Toornstra wants to use as an excuse. “No, we are all professionals. We have to be able to win from a team like Spakenburg even without the coach. Fortunately Fortuna is already waiting for us again, then we can’t hang in there too long either.”

Sean Klaiber said before the game against Spakenburg that he did not know a player’s name. Some other media translated that as disinterest and underestimation. That was not how the defender meant it, he says now. “I’ve just been honest. I don’t follow amateur soccer, so I don’t know any names. But we did prepare properly.”

Still, Klaiber does not want to take anything away from the second divisionist’s victory. “We knew what to expect. And fair is fair: Spakenburg just deserved it. They played fantastic.”

‘Full house in it’

Utrecht players say they are determined to do better against Fortuna Sittard. “Friday night is going to be a completely different game. Take that from me,” Toornstra said. “We are going full steam ahead, seize every duel to win and get energy for ourselves and our supporters. And then the result will come naturally.”

Kayleigh Williams