66% increase in arrivals and 72% increase in expenditures compared to last year

66% increase in arrivals and 72% increase in expenditures compared to last year

Tourism in Spain improves the pulse of the pre-pandemic years. The 4.1 million tourists in January this year. improved on the 2020 figures, albeit slightly (0.2%). But the real increase can be seen in total expenditure, which reached 5,218 million euros5,218 million, which is 9.2% above the year of the pandemic.

These are some of the data published this Friday at the National Institute of Statistics on data on tourist movements at borders and the tourist expenditure survey, relating to January this year.

With the data for this month of January, our country received. 4.1 million international touristsi.e., 65.8% more than in the same month of 2022.. This growth is accompanied by 5,218 million in spending, also an increase of 71.7%.

Thus, among the more than 4 million tourists who visited Spain, the main country of origin is the United Kingdom with 742,212 tourists, representing 17.9% of the total and an increase of 103.6% compared to January 2022.

France and Germany are the next countries with more tourists visiting our country, being 485,116 French (up 39.6% in annual rate) and 478,258 Germans (up 69.6%). Another of the most outstanding increases is that of tourists from the U.S.A., which increased by 102.8%.

Canary Islands, favorite destination

The autonomous community preferred by tourists in January was the Canary Islands, with 29% of the total. Catalonia (19.2%) and Andalusia (13.8%) were the next favorite destinations for foreigners. The largest increase occurred in the Community of Madrid (113.1) and Andalusia (76.8%).

One of the most representative data is the great predilection of Germans to visit the Balearic Islands, as well. 50.2% of them choose it as their first destination.. In second position, 33.2% of the British travel to the Canary Islands.

Regarding the entry route of tourists, more than 3.5 million come to Spain by airport.a figure that has increased by 73.5% in the last year. The large increase in transport by port (139.4%) and by rail (53.6%) is noteworthy.

Why do tourists come to Spain?

The ‘Leisure, recreation and vacations‘ was the main reason for travel to Spain for 3.4 million tourists in January, an annual increase of 70.3%. For ‘Business, professional reasons’ 267,551 arrived (up 80.4%) and for ‘Other reasons’ 459,016 (up 33.5%).

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The majority length of stay among tourists in January is. four to seven nightswith more than 1.7 million and an annual increase of 73.9%. In addition, the number of visitors increased by 35.4% among those who do not stay overnight (excursionists) and by 29.9% among tourists with a longer duration (more than 15 nights).

How did tourists spend in our country?

The 5,218 million euros spent by tourists last January contrasts with the 3,040 million in 2022. Thus, the average expenditure per tourist stood at 1,258 euros1,258, with an annual increase of 3.5%. Average daily spending grew by 19.3% to 148 euros.

The main outbound countries in terms of the level of spending in January are. United Kingdom (with 16.2% of the total), Germany (11,4%) y Nordic countries (9,2%). Spending by tourists residing in the United Kingdom increased by 89.8% in annual rate, those from Germany by 49.3% and those from the Nordic countries by 64.9%.

The Community of Madrid achieved the highest average expenditure per touristwith 1,664 euros, 6.8% more than in 2022, followed by the Canary Islands, with 1,416 euros, 4.8% less, both exceeding the pre-pandemic figures.

Kayleigh Williams