Young man who knocked teacher unconscious in U.S. to answer as an adult

Young man who knocked teacher unconscious in U.S. to answer as an adult

Florida student17 years old, who was videotaped beating a teacher at his high school until she was knocked unconscious, will be tried as if he were an adult for a felony assault charge punishable by up to 30 years in prison, according to court documents cited Wednesday by local media.

The television channel WKMG of Orlando has reported that the attack took place on February 21 in a hallway of Matanzas High School, Flagler County (east coast of Florida).

Cameras recorded the young man punching and throwing to the ground at the teacher adjunct, that when he fell he hit his head and was knocked unconscious on the floor.

Being thus received kicks and blows to his back and head about 15 times, according to authorities.

According to what the defendant said when he was arrested, he was angry because Joan Naydich had taken a video game from him. he was using in class and asserted that he would do it again whenever his Nintendo was taken away.

The young manwho was initially described by the police as a student with special needs, is over 2 meters tall and weighs 122.5 kilos.according to the channel.

The educator was rushed to the hospital for her injuries, according to the arrest report, but was already has been dischargedaccording to her relatives, who have opened a collection on the GoFundMe platform to help her in her recovery.

The state prosecutor’s office stated that. the student “intentionally” touched and struck the teacher and caused her “grievous bodily harminjury, permanent disability or permanent disfigurement”, which corresponds to assault in the first degree.

Kayleigh Williams