“Tacos, what you eat in your country.”

“Tacos, what you eat in your country.”

Living the experience of traveling to another country allows you to get to know its culture and customs, but also to create the most peculiar anecdotes. This is what has happened to two Spanish students, who are on Erasmus in the United States, where they have been able to learn, first hand, about the culture and customs of their country, their way of thinking and the vision they have of Spain..

A tiktoker, by the name of Keila Cardeiro, posted a video in which she said. the experience she has had with the Americans during her exchange. She and a friend recalled the most unusual statements she has been told during her stay.

As they recounted in the video clip, U.S. citizens have. a wrong geographical location of SpainThe two students began by saying that they were very surprised to learn that Spain was located on the American continent as well as on the European continent. “They told us if we speak French,” the two students began, something that surprised them a lot.

“Then, we go to a Mexican restaurant and they tell us: ‘Tacos, what you eat in your country.“, continued the two young women, who added: “Mexico is in America and Spain is in another continent”.

Delving into the subject of Spanish customs, the girls covered. the subject of the two kisses as a form of greeting.something that is very unusual in the United States. In fact, they themselves stated that if you do it, “they think you want something with them. Just like that.

Image of the famous viral dress (dubbed on networks as #TheDress) that sparked debate about its actual color: white and gold or blue and black.

To conclude, the two young women assured that for Americans “in Spain there is only Madrid and Barcelona“, because when they say they are from Spain everyone reacts in the same way: “Madrid. Madrid. Cristiano. Suu” or “Messi. Messi. Barcelona.”

The video, shared on TikTok, accumulates more than 400,000 thousand views and numerous comments in which users relate similar experiences or claim that Americans are convinced that Spain is in Latin America. “In the USA all Hispanics are Mexicans, according to them”, “I have been asked how many hours it takes me from Tenerife to Barcelona by car” or “They literally don’t know where Spain is”.

Kayleigh Williams