korfball field across soccer field was not so smart

korfball field across soccer field was not so smart
Korfball field lies across a soccer field

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The municipality of Oss is going to remove a newly constructed korfball field in a residential area. This is because it lies across a soccer field where neighborhood children have been playing for years. Many local residents reacted furiously.

The municipality has now decided to move the new korfball field. It will now be built next to the soccer field and both fields will be made of artificial turf.

‘A little too forward’

Oss decided to build the korfball field because two children from the neighborhood had requested it in a letter. “With that we set to work. In retrospect, you can see that we were a little too hasty. A few local residents are not so happy about this,” the municipality tells Omroep Brabant.

Korfball field on top of soccer field in Oss: ‘Not at all convenient’

Last night there was a residents’ meeting in Oss about the korfball field. Emotions ran high. “I opened the curtains a few months ago and suddenly there were excavators to build the korfball field,” said a local resident. “We all knew nothing.”

A neighbor agrees with her: “We just want our old soccer field back. It’s waiting for accidents if you play soccer here with those korfball poles in the field.”

How much the construction of the korfball field has cost and how much money is needed to install the two new artificial turf fields side by side, the municipality cannot yet say. The spokesman also does not know why the korfball field was built across the soccer field.

Korfball pole in soccer field with the playground in the background

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