“You’re in America, you have to learn English.”

“You’re in America, you have to learn English.”

Despite the diversity that North America has for decades, there is still Americans who do not manage to make an exercise in tolerance and, not content with this, decide to play the victim and claim that they are being discriminated against.

This is evidenced by this woman who has gone viral this weekend after rebuking a worker at Amy’s Pizza in Philadelphia.. The customer, who was eating on the premises, approached the counter with very bad manners and asked for her money back when she realized that the television they had on was broadcasting a program in Spanish..

You are fired” the woman tells him, between insults, arguing that her family has been in the country for at least some 200 years. “You want to put Spanish on TV, what’s wrong with that? That you’re not American“.

I’ll find you and get you out of our city today.. Fuck you, give me my money back, I’m not giving my money to an illegal immigrant.” he continues to complain. “You’re in America, you’re supposed to learn English,” she throws in his face, and the waiter replies that he knows his language. “Then why is the television in Spanish? That is like saying ‘screw you’ to the Americans.“.

The client began to explain that her father was a war veteran, where many died. “And you do this kind of shit?” she asks. “You’re too young, you don’t have any respect. You don’t understand, you are ignorant“.

The man asks, in Spanish, if they call the police, and then his co-worker, who was recording what happened, butts in. “I’m recording you because you’re a racist,” the worker argues, prompting the customer to accuse her of playing “the victim. “I’m American, you’re playing the victim, you’re the racist.“, says the woman, angry.

According to New York Postthe events took place last Friday and ended with the police arriving at the premises. and opening an investigation that is still ongoing.

“This lady came into our pizzeria (which is Hispanic owned) and heard Spanish speaking on our TV and started discriminating against us. Not all of us Spanish speakers are Mexican and it was bold of her to assume it.“, commented the restaurant’s managers. “Discrimination should not happen to anyone, no matter who they are or where they come from. America is a country built by immigrants. I am so sorry if you have ever experienced anything like this.”

Kayleigh Williams