The ‘Weghorst of soccer administrators’ wants to make the Netherlands world champion

The ‘Weghorst of soccer administrators’ wants to make the Netherlands world champion

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Telstar chairman Pieter de Waard looks into Studio Football endeared himself to the NOS interview with Wout Weghorst, who has just won the League Cup with Manchester United. “In his attitude he remains down-to-earth and flat, but in his appearance you see those brilliant eyes and that smile,” says De Waard. “I enjoy that.”

Ibrahim Afellay adds words of praise for Weghorst. “Admirable what this boy performs. He is an example. How he has come so far with his limitations, playing a final with Manchester United and having his part in winning the League Cup.”

De Waard announced earlier this year that he is stepping down as chairman of Telstar as of July 1 of this year. This marks the departure of the longest-serving chairman in professional soccer, starting seventeen years ago. Perhaps he is also the most outstanding chairman in professional soccer.

‘Togetherness is important’

One ambition remains intact for De Waard. He wants to make another bid for the presidency of the KNVB. In 2019, he stood as a candidate and lost the election to Just Spee, who was recently reappointed until 2025.

Pieter de Waard: ‘Wants to be the Weghorst of directors’

What would De Waard do differently? “What I think is important is togetherness,” he says. “What we have together, the 1.2 million KNVB members and the 3,000 clubs, is soccer. If we do it together, we are capable of becoming world champions. Then we have to eliminate the selfishness of the big clubs, though.”

“We have to learn to take care of each other,” De Waard continued. “That those 3,000 clubs all get behind it so that those 1.2 million members can pay off and that there will be many more gems in our representative teams.”

“You have to have a goal and get people behind that,” De Waard continued. “I know I’m capable of doing that. I want to be the Weghorst of directors. Going full steam ahead.”

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