Ana Gabriel, booed in concert for her political comments, announces she is retiring from the stage: “Put Siri!

Ana Gabriel, booed in concert for her political comments, announces she is retiring from the stage: “Put Siri!

Singer María Guadalupe Araujo Yong, known as “Ana Gabriel”, has announced her retirement from the stage. Ana Gabriel, began her tour For the love of you in the United States and this Saturday he performed at the Kia Forum in Inglewood, Los Angeles. A concert that was plagued by booing and a lot of heartache after receiving numerous criticisms for his political comments. In the midst of all this chaosthe singer also announced that she is retiring from the stage..

During the show, the performer of Who like you touched on a political topic that many of his followers reproached.. It was about the citizens’ march that was held on Sunday in different cities of Mexico due to the electoral reform. The woman from Sinaloa (Mexico) wanted to express her point of view on the matter. However, the public criticized her attitude and asked her to sing.

Faced with this, the artist lost her temper and expressed her discontent: “Put Siri in your house and you won’t hear me anymore to speak.” What possibly annoyed the composer was that she was not allowed to express her support for the cause. So much so that she made it clear at the concert that she is not a politician, but as a singer she understands the pain of every nation.

I am talking about the defense of our nationswhich need total freedom. That is why I have not returned to Mexico, Nicaragua or Venezuela,” declared the Diva of America and added that, for this reason, she performs her concerts in the United States, since this country allows her to bring together “many nationalities”.

The artist admitted that she does not usually take this attitude and, in fact, asked for a minute to calm down. “I want you to understand that I will always defend Latin America“he said before pausing in the middle of the concert.

After a short break, Ana Gabriel continued with the. show and, in between songs, he revealed that he would be retiring from the stage after more than 48 years of musical career. “I have to tell you that I will soon be leaving the stage.. I want to be far away because I am tired. Because I have the right to live,” she said.

Hours later, the interpreter of Just friends acknowledged that he had lost his temper during the performance and apologized to his audience through his social networks. “Even though today, in this first concert, I went out to give my all as I usually do, tonight part of the audience put me in a difficult situation as a human being and as a singer. It unbalanced me as an artist“He added that, throughout his career, nothing like this had ever happened to him.

I cannot accept disrespect when the only thing I bring with me is my voice, my singing, my friendship and my blessings,” she wrote on Twitter and Instagram, without elaborating on the matter. “The problem did not come because of my comment, but because several start yelling for me to sing.“, clarified the composer in the post.

The interpreter settled the issue by expressing that she does not feel good “as a human being and much less as an artist” after what happened. Likewise, although she announced her retirement from the stagethe truth is that the singer still has several shows well as a tour of Europe.

Kayleigh Williams