controversy at U.S. school over racist postcards received by black student

controversy at U.S. school over racist postcards received by black student

Controversy in the United States: an activity in a California elementary school that culminated in racist postcards that a black student received. racist cards dedicated to a black student has caused a major uproar.

Classmates gave the girl drawings that contained images of a figure being lynched and messages that read “you’re my favorite monkey” or “to my favorite cotton picker”.

The mother of the girl who received the drawings told local broadcaster KTLA that she will no longer allow her daughter to attend elementary school Pepper Tree in UplandCalifornia, after continuous harassment.

The superintendent of the Upland Unified School District said in a statement this week that the drawings are under investigation at this time. The drawings given to the girl show a large brown monkey on one side of a card accompanied by the message “you’re my favorite monkey.” Another card shows a landscape with white pieces of cotton in the air surrounded by the words “to my favorite cotton picker”.

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Maylana and Rome Douglas are the parents of the three Pepper Tree Elementary children, one of whom was told they would also receive a picture of a lynching. “They said they were going to give him (a picture) that specifically said: ‘You are my favorite slave.’ and they were going to show her as a slave hanging from a tree,” Maylana said.

In a video posted on YouTube, Upland USD’s board chairman, Sherman Garnettsaid the district has a “zero tolerance policy” for such incidents.

“I want to make it perfectly clear that we have a strict zero-tolerance policy. with any kind of hate speechharassment,” Garnett said in the video. School district officials said in a statement that they are investigating the situation.

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