“For me it’s an act of charity.”

“For me it’s an act of charity.”

Sperm donation is considered in Spain, as in other European countries, as an act of solidarity and altruism that allows many people who have difficulties in having children to become parents through artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization. But how is it in other countries?

A prolific sperm donor has now fathered 70 children.and says it’s like a “charity work”. Kyle Gordy, 31, charges nothing for his sperm and is the biological father of 61, with nine more women currently pregnant because of him, he says. He has donated his sperm to more than 150 families worldwide. and receives about 50 messages a month for his services.

The young man from Los Angeles, Californiahas so far met 11 of the children she has fathered, including those in England and Scotland. Some of the nine on the way are being born in England and France. Kyle, who doesn’t charge a penny for his donations, says he sees it as “charity work.” He donates his sperm to “help single women and couples have children without having to go through a sperm bank and pay excessive fees.”.

Kyle added: “I enjoy helping people and seeing kids grow up and seeing them happy, that’s probably the best thing of all.”. “There have been 61 born and nine are on the way, but there may be one more that could be pregnant, so there are about 70. “It’s completely free. I’m just volunteering, charity work.”he concluded.

Kayleigh Williams