faces threat of heavy snowfall in south for first time in century

faces threat of heavy snowfall in south for first time in century

U.S. meteorologists have warned that Southern California is bracing itself to experience severe winter storms, are on red alert. Blizzards are expected to arrive in the next few days and snow may even move in. The last time the U.S. Weather Service issued a snow advisory for the Southern California mountains was in 1989.

The storm warning is in effect in Ventura County as well as Los Angeles and will remain in effect until 4 a.m. Friday morning. With heavy blizzards, Californians will need to be especially cautious until Saturday, when the corresponding alert will be lifted, the U.S. National Weather Service has reported to CBS News.

Snow may accumulate up to 10 feet in the Sierra Nevada region of California. Snowfall is also expected in low hills and areas near the Pacific coast for “the depth of cold air that has infiltrated into the west”.“, according to forecasters. “On Thursday and Friday, the threat of heavy snow in the west should become more focused over California as a new storm system developing near the west coast descends southward and begins to move southwestward by the end of the week,” they add.

The California regions that could experience the most unusual snowfall are. Mojave Desertmost of the Piedmont areas, a large part of the Inland Empire and the Santa Clarita Valley.

Snow returns to Navarre.

Throughout this week storms have wreaked havoc across much of the U.S., bringing heavy snowfall to areas where it is unusual.The snowfall caused thousands of homes to be left without electricity and thousands of flights to be delayed.

Portland experienced its second snowiest day in history and communications came to a standstill in parts of the Pacific Coast. Roads were shut down, leaving thousands of drivers stranded overnight on the freeway.

Kayleigh Williams