Who are the Crips? The new violent gang that has landed in Seville

Who are the Crips? The new violent gang that has landed in Seville

Their degree of violence and their bloody internal disputes make them one of the most dangerous gangs in the United States. They call themselves the Crips and they bring together several gangs composed of African-Americans. This Wednesday, with the arrest in Seville of three minors considered to be part of it, it has become known that the group has landed in our country.although, for now, in a very superficial way.

The Sevillian capital had not had, until now, records of the presence of any type of violent gang. Sources close to the operation in which these three minors have been arrested confirm to 20minutos that not only in Seville we are in front of the discovery of an unpublished group, but in all Spain. “We have no record that the band performs or has performed in another city,” they defend.

The news is, to say the least, surprising, since, although the presence of Latin gangs (Latin Kings, Trinitarios, etc) is more usual in large capitals such as Madrid or Barcelona, our country had never welcomed violent groups of Afro-Americans whose germ is found in the United States. In any case, the same sources assure us that being African-American is not an indispensable requirement to belong to the Crips.. “In these bands, anyone who fulfills the general mission of the band is welcome,” they note.

A small redoubt

It is estimated that about 40,000 people in the United States belong to the Crips. However, those arrested in Seville, whom the authorities consider to be the ringleaders, form a small redoubt of the group. They are joined by 15 others who have been identified, although the Police do not consider that they exercise the same degree of violence or represent as high a danger as the three arrested. “Let’s see if these arrests serve as a lesson to the rest of them.“, the sources affirmed.

However, despite its apparent bisoñez, it is true that the gang, mainly through the executing hand of the three leaders, was beginning to take over some neighborhoods of Seville. and allegedly committing various crimes of robbery with force, coercion, injuries and crimes against moral integrity. In fact, in those very neighborhoods where their influence was beginning to grow, they had begun to demand payment from other minors who simply wanted to pass through them.

There does not have to be a link with the United States.

Although the Crips are of U.S. origin, authorities confirm to 20minutes that, in cases of detections of small isolated groups such as the one in Seville, there need not be a link between the members and the heart of the gang.. All it takes is an explosive cocktail that characterizes today’s reality: social networks and emulation.

Minors, whose presence on the net is overwhelming, watch videos on the performances of the hard block of gangs, are inundated by certain delusions of grandeur and prominence, and try to import their practices. Rapid detection by the authorities in these cases is key to ensure that what starts out as a gang of ‘rookies’ does not end up becoming a group with a consistent organization.

Kayleigh Williams