Partouche and Tranchant battle for a concession

A brand new gambling establishment will soon be opening in the Lausanne area of Switzerland. It is expected to open on January 1, 2025. The management and operation of this casino involves three major players: the Swiss company Kursaal Bern and the French groups Partouche and Tranchant. Let’s decipher.

In Switzerland, three candidates for the operation of a new casino in Lausanne

The mythical French casino groups Partouche and Tranchant are candidates for the operation of a new gambling establishment located on Lake Geneva, in the French-speaking canton of Vaud, Switzerland. It is not yet known whether the casino in question will be built in the Flon district, in Malley or in Les Marais in Romanel-sur-Lausanne, but the Federal Council has set the goal of making it accessible to the public as of January 1, 2025.

While the applications of the three candidates have already been communicated to the executive body of the Swiss ConfederationThe municipal authorities will be consulted by Bern. However, it is the seven Wise Men who will issue a concession to one or other of the candidates, who will have the honor of taking the reins of the second casino in Vaud.

The first of them, who is none other than the Casino de Montreuxis operated by another French company, Barrierwhich recently applied for a renewal of its concession.

A project that is generating a lot of excitement, but also skepticism…

In Romanel-sur-Lausanne, one of the three potential sites chosen to host the new casino of VaudThe project has aroused a lot of enthusiasm among the various members of the municipality. The Mayor, Mrs. Claudia Perrin, for example, was very enthusiastic: ” The project unveiled by the Municipality and the Kursaal Bern company has our full support. It will make the region shine, and will create jobs, revitalize our businesses, and accelerate the development of our transportation “.

But in Lausanne, it was not quite the same. There, the municipality was quite resistant to the idea of seeing a casino built in the heart of the city. ” Quite frankly, we don’t think that the youth, low-budget, gambling formula is something interesting for Lausanne “, had declared its president, Grégoire Junod, before the Federal Council had publicly announced that such a project would see the light of day. When asked again a few days ago, Grégoire Junod remained firm in his position: ” Of course, we will study the request, but I would be very surprised if the Municipality changes its mind about the Partouche project.

As for the casino project proposed by Tranchant, a supplementary election is to be held on March 12 in Prilly, in the district of western Lausanne, so the parties involved cannot express themselves at this time. Nevertheless, it seems that the project is interesting, especially since the French casino operator has presented serious guarantees on the issues of concern, particularly those of compulsive gambling. We’ll keep an eye on this one.

Kayleigh Williams