New look for the Café de Paris and creation of luxury boutiques!

Since the beginning of the year, the famous Café de Paris, located on the Casino square in Monte-Carlo, has been undergoing major expansion and renovation work. The mythical establishment, owned by the Société des Bains de Mer (SBM), is forced to close its doors for approximately twelve months. The reopening of the latter is expected for June 2023 at the earliest. Decrypting.

The place du Casino de Monte-Carlo and the Café de Paris are changing face

In Monaco, the SBM has decided to transform the famous Café de Paris building on the Place du Casino de Monte-Carlo (which has been awarded the title of Casino of the Year in France several times). The objective is not to denature the place, but rather to carry out a major renovation that will reinforce the luxurious aspect of the entire urban space. To this end, several luxury boutiques will be created along the François-Blanc avenue, from the Casino de Monte-Carlo square to the Jardins des Spéluges.

The cost of the work amounts to some 40 million euros and no less than 800 additional square meters will be rented to major brands, i.e. internationally renowned brands that are currently lacking in the Principality.

However, the biggest part of the project concerns the Café de Pariswhich needs a facelift both inside and out. According to SBM president Jean-Luc Biamonti: “ The One Monte-Carlo and the renovation of the Hotel de Paris have reinforced the advanced age of the Café de Paris, especially its façade. This one was made by additions. As a result, there is not one end that goes with the other “.

The idea would therefore be to homogenize the whole building. To do this, SBM decided to trust an architect of the buildings of France, a professional with whom it had already collaborated in the renovation of the Balmoral, a typical “Belle Époque” hotel in Monaco.

What changes to the interior of the Café de Paris?

And inside, what changes can we expect ? Well, everything will be done to optimize the space of the building. For example, the Grand Siècle room in the basement of the Café de Paris will soon be home to boutiques. As for the casino’s slot machines, they will be moved to the floor above, in a more strategic location.

SBM also wants to create two food outlets: on the first floor, a snack food will allow customers to eat without lingering too long, and on the second floor, a more upscale brasserie will serve dishes suitable for gourmets. Finally, the former Bellevue lounge should be expanded with a large terrace of roof-top.

Kayleigh Williams