“NATO is stronger than ever.”

“NATO is stronger than ever.”

Joe Biden understands the tug-of-war that Vladimir Putin has thrown at the West and seems to accept the challenge. “NATO is stronger than ever.”The US president said on Tuesday from Poland, accompanied by his Polish counterpart, Andrej Duda, on the same day that the Russian leader delivered his address to the nation. Biden did not comment on the suspension of Russia’s participation in the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START), which was Putin’s big announcement. “The United States needs Poland and NATO as much as Poland and NATO need the United States,” he maintained.

The Polish president, for his part, has applauded Biden’s visit to Kiev, an “extraordinary gesture” that has “boosted the morale” of Ukrainians.and said that Poland continues to consider the United States as a key element in the “global order”. Duda further noted that Biden’s stopover in Warsaw shows that Poland is “safe” regardless of what is happening in the neighboring country.

1 year ago, “Russia decided to attack Ukraine completely, causing a tragedy and a catastrophe for millions of its inhabitants.” and also a “security and economic crisis” that is spreading throughout much of the world. Millions of Ukrainians have fled “from bombs, from murderers, from rapists,” added Duda, who received Biden at the presidential palace.

Illustration on the Start III treaty

Biden’s image in Warsaw came just hours after Putin pulled Russia out of START III, as a new pressure measure on the West. This pact was the last one signed with the United States for the reduction of its strategic arsenals and control of nuclear weapons. Putin assured that “everything was going very well with the existing agreement of 2010,” but that it was now a thing of the past and “is forgotten” because “the United States abandoned it”. The Russian leader has accused the US of building an order where “there is only one owner” and where there is no relation between the agreements and the statements of the West against Russia: “They want to defeat us and at the same time examine our nuclear facilities”.

The Russian president pointed out that it is not a question of “abandoning” the treaty completely, but of “suspending participation”. Thus, he described as “absurd” NATO’s calls for Russia to comply with the treaty.especially after the Alliance denounced Russia’s non-compliance with the treaty in early February and called on Moscow to fulfill its obligations. And Putin’s acolytes have closed ranks with the leader, such as Dmitry Medvedev. “America got what it deserved for its stupid anti-Russian policy.. This is the suspension of New START. You can’t fight Russia while making believe that the problems of strategic stability remain the same,” the former Russian president and current vice president of the Security Council argued.

In this regard, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, has called the Russian president’s decision “unfortunate” and “irresponsible”. Blinken, who is visiting Greece, has indicated in statements to the media that the U.S. Administration “remains ready to talk to Russia about the nuclear arms treaty at any time regardless of what is happening in the world.”

We are watching closely what Russia is doing

“We are watching closely what Russia is doing,” he said, according to statements reported by CNN. Thus, he clarified that the United States will ensure an “appropriate posture to facilitate the protection of the country and its allies.”. He also called for “responsible action in this area”. “This is something that everyone expects from us,” he pointed out.

The White House considers, one hundred percent, that the balls are in Moscow’s court. The Kremlin, on the other hand, says it is Washington that has to move from its current location. Biden and Putin mark their positions as the war enters its one-year anniversary, and the image shows a sidereal distance between the two.. There is no diplomatic route possible and it does not seem that there will be one in the short term. The two blocs are now watertight compartments and the search for a mediator – which could be Turkey – is not even an option on the table. It has been repeated ad nauseam, but it is confirmed by the facts: everyone is preparing for a long conflict.

Kayleigh Williams