know it all and use it well in casino games

Online casino games are synonymous with fun, and can be a source of winnings! However, if you don’t know the basics of some of these games, you can never really hope to take full advantage of them.

The RTP, short for payout ratio or return to player ratio, is a key indicator of the earning potential of an online casino game. It is a percentage set by the developer that they are even required to disclose for specific types of games such as slots, whether physical or online.

How RTP works in online casino games

The RTP is a theoretically calculated percentage that tells players the average total amount of money they are likely to receive after a gaming session. The higher the percentage, the more money the player can theoretically win.

In truth, one way to understand RTP is to contrast it with the casino advantage. For example, an RTP of 95% means that for every €100 played, the player is able to win back €95 on average. The house edge, which is the probability that the casino will win, will be 5%.

Study the right payout rate at slot machines

In addition to the RTP, each slot machine has a fixed variance (or volatility), which determines the payout frequency. So when you choose to play one slot machine over another, you should consider these two indicators: RTP and variance.

As a reminder, the volatility of a slot machine can be low (it pays small winnings at a regular frequency), medium (it offers a fair balance in the amount and regularity of winnings), or high (it rarely pays out, but when it does, it’s almost a guaranteed jackpot).

Casino games with a flexible RTP

Finally, did you know that unlike slot machines, some casino games have flexible payout ratios? In some games, the impact of the RTP on the player’s winnings must be minimized because these games require good skill and reading of the game to win. This is especially true of blackjack, for example.

In blackjack, the use of a good strategy and the appropriateness of the choices made by the player have a significant influence on the player’s chances of winning. This is also the case in video poker. In this particular game, it is even possible to increase the RTP beyond 100%, which means that the player’s victory over the bank simply cannot be ruled out!

Kayleigh Williams