Ihattaren trains again, posts video of Juventus stadium and workout

Ihattaren trains again, posts video of Juventus stadium and workout

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Mohamed Ihattaren is trying to resume his soccer career. The soccer player reports this on Instagram, where he posted a video showing him working out in the strength room at his club Juventus.

“What defines us is how we come back after setbacks,” Ihattaren wrote with the clip.

Ihattaren trains again in Juventus strength room

The 21-year-old Utrechtian was detained in Amsterdam over a week ago for allegedly mistreating his ex-girlfriend.

Ihattaren still has a contract at Juventus until the summer of 2025. That is at stake because of all the events, though. According to the AD, Juventus is investigating whether the latest incident involving the footballer is grounds for dismissal.

Breakthrough at PSV, rental to Ajax

Ihattaren broke through at PSV at a young age and made the pre-selection of the Dutch national team. After problems with trainer Roger Schmidt, he left for Italian Juventus, which rented him out to Sampdoria.

Ihattaren ended up sidelined in Italy and was rented out again by Juventus, to Ajax. He played a fine preparation there last summer, but then the midfielder disappeared from training sessions.

In July last year, Mohamed Ihattaren still had big plans at Ajax.

At Ajax, Ihattaren is beyond shame: ‘I am happy’

Because of possible threats from the criminal circuit, Ihattaren could not show himself at Ajax for some time. In addition, a car of the footballer went up in flames. Ajax then announced that it would not continue with Ihattaren.

After his departure from Ajax, Wesley Sneijder, among others, tried to assist him in his professional career, but the former international ended that cooperation because Ihattaren would not be able to bring himself to focus on soccer. Ihattaren also stayed with the Nouri family for a period of time.

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