Do I have to declare my casino winnings?

You have generated income from physical or online casino games or even from playing the lottery, sports or horse betting, poker, etc. Do you have to declare your winnings? In France, for example, taxation varies depending on the amount of money you win and the games you play. Here is everything you need to know before filling out your tax return.

Are winnings from casino games and other games of chance taxable?

You like to play blackjack, poker, scratch cards, sports betting, lottery… And you make winnings from your favorite games of chance! If you win a lot of money, it could have an impact on your annual income tax returnand therefore on the calculation of your tax.

Casino games and slot machines : not taxable unless professional income

The tax authorities are clear on this subject: ” (…) Winnings from casino games over €1,500 are subject to a social security deduction of up to 15% for the generalized social contribution (CSG), a tax that is levied directly by the casino “. This means that the winnings received by the player are net of tax, unless the player is a professional gambler.

In this second case, winnings from blackjack, craps or roulette from a physical or online casino authorized by the French State must be declared as professional income in the category of non-commercial profits (BNC).

Poker, bridge and card games: is the income generated professional?

Most card games such as poker and bridge are considered to be skill games. This means that they are not purely random and that they require a certain mastery as well as specific skills to be successful.

Again, players who play card games regularly and generate large sums of money must report their income to the tax authorities. They will also do so under the BNC category.

However, if you are an amateur blackjack, bridge or poker player and you did not earn large sums of money, you are not required to report your winnings.

Scratchers and lottery games: tax-free winners

What about scratch cards and lottery games? Well, in this type of games, it is estimated that the winnings that are likely to fall are very exceptional. Therefore, the winners do not have to declare anything for income tax purposes.

However, it is possible that the Ministry of Economy and Finance will investigate the purpose of such a win (what the winner will do with the amount won). Indeed, depending on the investments that the player will make with the newly acquired assets, he/she may be taxed the following year, which will also depend on the income he/she has received up to that point.

Kayleigh Williams