10% of the staff is missing, all positions included

In the Vendée, the Joa Group’s Casino des Pins is desperate to fill some unfilled positions. Indeed, out of a total of 95 employees, about ten are missing, all positions included (i.e. 10% of its potential workforce). In order to alleviate its recruitment problems, the management of the establishment has decided to take the bull by the horns and ensure the training of future dealers, among other things.

Casino des Pins: ” Covid messed up, we can’t recruit

French casinos are not immune to recruitment difficulties. At the Casino des Pins, a Joa Group establishment located in Les Sables-d’Olonne, in the Vendée region, no position has been spared. Indeed, the casino is looking to fill a dozen available positions, whether in the kitchen, in service or in maintenance. And of course, staff is also actively sought to animate the game rooms.

In a casino, you work nights, weekends and holidays. Basically, in a casino, you work when others are resting or having fun “Jean-Michel Launay, director of the Casino des Pins since 2002, concedes. However, the latter assures that it is the first time that he sees the establishment undergo such problems of recruitment. ” Before Covid, we had very little turnover. Then, when the health crisis took hold, some employees decided to launch other life projects, and this is not necessarily related to private considerations, but professional ones “regrets Jean-Michel Launay.

Following the mentioned departures, the casino is struggling to fill vacanciesespecially in the restaurant business. So the Joa managed and operated establishment has had to compromise. ” At least one weekend off per month is guaranteed and uninterrupted hours are arranged We guarantee at least one weekend off per month and we set up uninterrupted working hours,” says Jean-Michel Launay, while pointing out that this is not always enough to attract some workers, especially seasonal workers, because of increased competition.

In-house training to launch new dealers

Another strategic area where the casino is having a hard time recruiting is dealers. According to the head of the establishment, the school of croupiers does not train enough to meet the needs of the casinos. As for the classic recruitment channels, they would not yield much.

While few candidates cross the threshold of the casino (the remuneration of 1,700 € gross minimum with a night bonus and a share in the company’s profits does not attract the crowds), the casino has decided to train its future employees in charge of animating the tables.

Either a candidate for another position in the establishment can be offered to become a croupier, or our most seasoned croupiers are asked to train students interested in the profession. In the second case, the pre-selection is made on the knowledge of the candidate “, ends Jean-Michel Launay.

Kayleigh Williams