Richard Marcus, the biggest cheater in Las Vegas, shares his knowledge

He has been cheating casino dealers and security guards around the world for almost twenty-five years, without ever being caught… The biggest cheat in Las Vegas, Richard Marcus, may have extorted more than five million dollars from the Strip’s gambling establishments, but today he works for them! Deciphering.

USA: casinos call on the biggest cheat to deal with fraud

American casinos generate two billion euros in revenue every quarter. But among the other winners are cheaters, who account for nearly 40 percent of the €1 billion in fraud-related losses each year.

Despite ever more advanced security devices, the omnipresence of surveillance cameras and the implantation of electronic chips in the chips they use, casinos are finding it very difficult to prevent cheating. To address this growing problem, casino executives from around the world meet regularly at security seminars.

One of these seminars, which lasted four days, was led by Richard Marcus, an individual considered to be the biggest cheat in the history of casinos ! The casinos readily admit that they learn a lot from him. ” Me, I can’t get into the head of a cheater. Working in the casino business, I obviously have a lot of knowledge, but listening to the stories of the people you’re supposed to be watching is just fascinating ” says Marissa Pukula, a casino security manager in the United States.

The story of cheater Richard Marcus will soon be made into a movie

In the manner of a novel, the “fabulous” story of Richard Marcus will soon be adapted to the cinema. The story began in the 1970s. Richard Marcus, then 19 years old, leaves to try his luck in Las Vegas with $20,000 in his pocket. He quickly collected $120,000 in winnings, which he lost again a few days later.

Ruined and forced to sleep under a bridge, he resigns himself to becoming a croupier. It is in a famous casino of Las Vegas that a notorious cheat will notice him, finding his dexterity bluffing. From that moment on, Richard Marcus will scour the casinos of the world for twenty-five years.

Richard Marcus put an end to his peregrinations just before the beginning of the 2000’s: the security devices becoming more and more elaborate, he retired from the cheating world, but not without amassing $5 million in fraudulent money.

The one who now resides in France recently confided to the microphone of TF1: ” If I were to go into a casino today and do the same cheating that I did 20 or 30 years ago, I’d get caught for sure. Cheating today is all about the latest technology. It’s all about smartphones, algorithms and micro-cameras hidden in the sleeves “.

Kayleigh Williams