Playable Factory Company wants to seduce operators

Playable Factory Company, a Turkish iGaming solutions provider specializing in smartphone casino games, has announced that it has inaugurated a brand new creative service aimed at operators who wish to adapt their online casino games to mobile platforms. Called H5 Games, it allows to convert any game to HTML5 format. Let’s take a look at it.

H5 Games: a new service that allows to adapt casino games on mobile

The Playable Factory Company, based in Istanbul, Turkey, announced last Wednesday the launch of H5 Games, a service that aims to give new life to casino games originally developed under Unity. Indeed, H5 Games allows toadapt any game to mobile formats (smartphones and tablets)!

Founded in 2018, the Playable Factory Company said that H5 Games was designed to solve the technical problems that mobile game developers and publishers face. Indeed, developers and publishers looking to launch versions of their games within the standards imposed by Apple and Google often face many obstacles once their apps are exported to the respective Stores, including ” (…) poor visuals, performance degradation and prohibitive file sizes on iOS and Android “.

Playable Factory Company, which openly offers its services to any mobile gaming company that doesn’t have the expertise, capacity or resources to create stunning HTML5 games in-house, is particularly interested in catching the eye of iGaming providers. ” Online casino game operators are still struggling to offer responsive versions of their titles on mobile. Playable Factory Company has already worked with more than 500 mobile game studios and converted more than 1,000 games to HTML5 format; all are faithful representations of the original games “, says the company’s general manager, Gokce Nur Oguz.

Acquiring new players has become more difficult on iOS

According to Gokce Nur Oguz, most social and web platforms use HTML5 content. Unfortunately, moving a game developed in Unity to a smartphone and tablet version is complex, so many games lose quality when adapted to the mobile format. The Playable Factory Company executive also adds that acquiring new users has become more difficult on iOS as more and more companies publish their games on several different platforms, which does not encourage them to ensure the visual quality and technical stability of their games, criteria that gamers are adamant about.

Note that Playable Factory Company is able to help develop games in mobile format regardless of their genre: racing games, shooting games, puzzle games, role-playing games, simulation games and of course casino games. ” The optimized file sizes offered by H5 Games ensure that images and animations remain intact, with no loss of quality from the original game “Gokce Nur Oguz concludes.

Kayleigh Williams