‘Occasional aches and stiffness’

‘Occasional aches and stiffness’

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Bart Ramselaar was having his most productive season ever last year and was already dreaming about clubs other than FC Utrecht. Until things went wrong at training in May. The midfielder badly injured his knee. Nine months after the fate, Ramselaar is back on the training field. “I am coming back,” he said.

The training complex where Ramselaar is acting is “just” back in Utrecht and not in a foreign place. So while he would have liked to make a move. That is why, at first glance, it may look crazy that the attacking midfielder in December extended his contract with FC Utrecht until 2025.

Ramselaar felt he got confidence from the club, despite his serious injury. That felt good for Ramselaar. Although it is not just charity from FC Utrecht. “The club also doesn’t want me to walk out the door for free,” he said.

Ramselaar can still show what he can do in the last and decisive phase of the season and thus force a transfer. Although he does indicate that the last phase of rehabilitation is the most difficult. “Occasionally some pains and some stiffness.”

Old team PSV

It is therefore not certain whether the 26-year-old Amersfoort native will be in action this afternoon against his old team PSV. Although he would like to. “It still remains special. I had two great years there and one less year. I am very grateful to that club. It would be very nice to play against PSV again.”

Still, he is not pinning his hopes on that match. He is looking forward to just being a soccer player again. Because during his injury, he sometimes felt lonely during his rehabilitation in Zeist. “The other guys train and you have to walk with crutches. You depend on people.”

Ramselaar returns to the pitch at Utrecht after nine months: ‘Coming back on’

The three-time Orange international also says he is not really concerned with competition in the Utrecht midfield. “For me the most important thing now is to get match-fit. I think it will also take some time before I can play ninety minutes.”

The Utrecht public need not expect a completely different Ramselaar after his setback. “I think to be honest, when I am on the pitch, I will have the same thoughts again. That I just want to fire again, just like I did then. And that if it doesn’t work out, I’ll be just as grumpy again.”

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