iSoftBet announces a new video poker game: Tens or Better

The content provider for online casino operators iSoftBet has just launched a brand new video poker game soberly named Tens or Better. As the name suggests, the title in question brings the eponymous variant to life in a very original way, with lots of high-quality graphics and animations. But let’s see how Tens or Better has everything to please video poker fans.

Tens or Better: iSoftBet puts the spotlight on this video poker variant

Tens or Better is one of the new video poker variants. By launching a title dedicated to this specific variant, iSoftBet hopes to fulfill the expectations of the game’s fans, and why not to make the largest number of people discover Tens or Better.

In Tens or Better, players must choose a bet before the software deals them five cards. From then on, players can decide to hold or discard as many cards as they wish, the goal being to make the best poker hand.

In order to win at Tens or Better, you need to get a Pair of 10s or better. The highest paying combination in the game is the Royal Flush, which pays 4,000 times the player’s bet !

The particularity of iSoftBet’s game, however, is that it integrates several innovative features such as the ” Golden Gamble “Golden Gamble,” which allows players to earn up to an additional 100 coins on their initial winnings. This feature is available five times in a round and involves predicting whether the next card drawn is worth more than the hint card displayed on the left side of the screen.

iSoftBet: ” Players will discover a video poker game that is out of the ordinary

Commenting on the launch of Tens or Better, Mark Claxton, head of games at iSoftBet, said, ” Tens or Better™ offers a different setting than what we usually do (iSoftBet mainly develops online slots). This is a game that immerses our audience in the realm of Pairs, Straights and Flushes “.

And Mark Claxton concludes: ” Video poker fans will love our version of Tens or Better because it allows them, for example, to hit prizes of up to 800 times their bet on certain strong hands, with the optimal prize going much higher. In any case, we’re more than happy with the way Tens or Better™ has taken shape in our studios “.

Kayleigh Williams