Four crooks rigged a roulette table at the casino in Lucerne

In Switzerland, four individuals are currently on trial for rigging a roulette table at the casino in Lucerne in April 2019. Their scam allowed them to earn 30,000 Swiss francs. Intercepted during a customs check, they must now answer for their actions before a competent court.

Roulette cheating at Lucerne casino: the four swindlers on trial now

In April 2019, four men allegedly manipulated one of the roulette tables at the Lucerne casino and extorted 30,000 Swiss francs. At least that is what the head of security at the establishment claims, who witnessed part of the maneuver and saw them flee with their winnings.

The alleged swindlers, currently on trial in the Lucerne District Court, do not admit to the charges. However, according to a local newspaper, one of the four individuals taped very small, thin black sheets to numbers 8, 11, 17, 24, 26 and 29. The purpose of these XXS sheets? To limit the bounce of the ball, thus increasing the probability that the rigged numbers are drawn. In practice, the scammers only had to bet on the said numbers to win their bets.

While one of the team members was betting directly at the roulette table, another one was sitting in front of an electronic station that also allows betting on the rigged roulette numbers. The latter reportedly placed no less than 255 bets that night, sometimes committing up to 845 Swiss francs per draw.

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Very clever, the cheaters have deliberately covered their tracks

In order not to draw attention to themselves, the crooks made sure they didn’t always bet on the numbers they manipulated. This fraud allowed them to win 30,000 francs effortlessly, although they had to distract the dealer from the table twice (once to stick the black sheets and a second time to retrieve them with a magnet).

The small group, which fled in the early morning, was stopped dead in their tracks by the police as they crossed the border. Inside the vehicle, the customs officers found several toolswire, magnets and the famous black sheets, in short, all the instruments necessary for the manipulation that they executed with a masterly hand.

It should be noted, however, that at this stage of the trial the guilt of the alleged swindlers has not yet been proven. According to the defense lawyers, the statements of the head of security of the casino in Lucerne are inconsistent: for example, they highlight the fact that the black sheets were not found near the roulette table, but in their car.

While the verdict of the court is still undecidedThe head of security warned that such a fraud could not be used in the future at the casino in Lucerne, the latter did not give more details on this subject.


Kayleigh Williams