Construction of a world-class resort with integrated casino soon to be led by The Cordish Companies?

Baltimore, Maryland-based group The Cordish Companies has submitted a new proposal to the Madrid City Council for the construction of an integrated development center (IDC) to the east of the Spanish capital. The resort in question is intended to be a world-class entertainment and leisure complex. Unsurprisingly, it will include a casino. Let’s take a look.

Resorts Madrid Spain: the tourist complex with integrated casino in Cordish

The Cordish Companies, a North American company based in Maryland, USA, recently submitted a mixed-use development project to the Madrid City Council. The project includes a number of hotels, meeting and convention facilities, restaurants, a shopping center, a cinema and of course a casino.

The CID, which is currently being studied by the Ministry of Economy of the Community of Madrid according to the newspaper La Información, should also be scrutinized by other members of the current government. ” This type of project requires the approval of many ministries, such as, for example, the one in charge of the environment, which is headed by the new member of the Feijóo executive, Paloma Martín “, says the law firm Díaz Arias, which legally represents the American company in Spain.

And the firm in charge of carrying out all the management and administrative procedures adds: ” We have to be careful. Last time there was also a good harmony, but things did not materialize. The most important thing is to be realistic “, explains Días Arias, even recalling that the initial project ended in failure.

A complex occupying 134 hectares and providing 56,000 jobs

According to the plans and documentation presented by The Cordish Companies, the Resorts Madrid Spain would be established on 134 hectares of natural land. The project would cost just over 20 million euros would generate some 56,000 new jobs. One of the places chosen to host the CID is Torres de la Alameda, a site that was also favored the first time around before the government of Cristina Cifuentes finally gave up the offer.

It should be noted that The Cordish Companies is convinced that Spain, and more specifically the region of Madrid, is the ideal place to house its future architectural jewel. Indeed, the geographical and strategic position of the Spanish capital as well as its particularly favorable climate make it a prime candidate.

The will of The Cordish Companies to go to the end of the project is moreover demonstrated by the resumption of the latter whereas it had been previously rejected. The American firm took care to modify the points which posed problem and is now persuaded of the viability of the project.

Will this project be completed or will it suffer the same setback as the EuroVegas at Las Vegas Sands?

Kayleigh Williams