GambleAware revisits the government’s decision

Recently, in the United Kingdom, the outgoing government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke out about loot boxesthese digital rewards used in video games that are similar to games of chance.

In fact, as part of its upcoming White Book, the British government has stated that it has no intention of banning loot boxes, despite 15 studies showing that loot boxes can lead to bad gambling habits and even addiction to online casino games. Responsible gambling association GambleAware has stepped up to the plate.

UK: GambleAware concerned about prevalence of loot boxes

Already banned in Belgium, loot boxes are a feature found in many video games both paid and free-to-play such as Call of Duty or FIFA. They enhance the player’s experience by offering accessory kits, weapons or cosmetic items. However, the random nature of loot boxes has has led to a number of strong criticismso much so that they are openly referred to as gambling.

In its response to the government last Friday, the gambling protection association GambleAware described itself as “a group of people who have been involved in the development of the gambling industry”. the leading player in the prevention and treatment of harm associated with problem gambling in Britain “. They also expressed concern about the prevalence of loot boxes, which are used by approximately 40% of children who play video gamesand have promoted “… the normalization of gambling-like activities among young people “.

In his highly politicized post, GambleAware mentions the race to elect the next British Prime Minister, which will end on September 05 with the appointment of Liz Truss, current Foreign Secretary, or Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of the Exchequer since 2020. ” GambleAware hopes that any new government will consider legislative action to ban the use of loot boxes “, the letter reads.

Already 55,000 children aged 11 to 16 are harmed by gambling

In its response to the government, GambleAware cites the very serious findings of the National Audit Office. According to the National Audit Office, approximately 55,000 minors aged 11 to 16 in the UK are affected by gambling. gambling harm. GambleAware estimates that an additional 85,000 children and teens are at risk of developing a gambling addiction in the coming months. They say more needs to be done to prevent harm to young people.

Research has shown that loot boxes are psychologically similar to gambling and therefore more adequate protection would help prevent future gambling-related harm. Gambling is part of the daily life of children and young people. We believe that children are particularly vulnerable to gambling-related harm, both because of the influence of those around them and because of their own involvement in gambling. “.

Kayleigh Williams