even of ten Emmenians Groningen does not win

even of ten Emmenians Groningen does not win

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The relegation duel between FC Groningen and FC Emmen did not produce a winner. Or rather two losers, after a 1-1 draw that didn’t help both teams at all.

Because of FC Volendam’s win over Vitesse earlier in the evening, Groningen and Emmen are now six and three points behind the safe fifteenth place, respectively, so they only see the gap widening.

Main role for Te Wierik

The role of Mike te Wierik was particularly striking. The former FC Groningen captain had his contract dissolved in the far north last winter, signed with Emmen a day later and now appeared at the competitor’s kickoff more than two weeks later.

That did not end the soap opera, as Te Wierik received a red this match. And Groningen failed to take advantage of the overtime situation in the last twenty minutes.

But given the proportions, the draw was also the most logical outcome. The home club was most dangerous before halftime and after some tactical substitutions, the visitors were slightly more threatening in the second half.

Groningen coach Dennis van der Ree

The two goals fell shortly after each other. After Elvis Manu had already hit the post in the opening phase, he was at the basis of Ricardo Pepi’s 1-0. The American shot off the turn, when the ball came to his feet via Johan Hove.

A foul by Isak Määttä heralded the equalizer, as Mark Diemers found the completely free Miguel Araujo with his free kick.

In the second half, creative impetus from Diemers almost led to more, but debutant Danny Hoesen was too modest on behalf of the Emmen players and might have been better off striking out himself in a promising position. Michael Verrips saved on a shot by Lucas Bernadou.

Panic moments

After the second yellow for Te Wierik, who hit Daleho Irandust hard in a duel, it was clear that Emmen wanted to avoid further damage in the closing stages. Groningen could not create more than two panic moments after poorly handled pounces by Hove and Tomas Suslov in its final offensive.

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