We have unlocked the secret of how Netent slots work

Slot machines from the developer Net Entertainment (NetEnt) are among the most popular among players. But what makes them so special? And how do the features of these slot machines differ from those of their competitors? We’ve been trying to get to the bottom of how NetEnt slots work, and today we’ve got a lot to tell you!

NetEnt slots are all hosted on dedicated servers

Used by thousands of online casinos around the world, the software developed by NetEnt requires a lot of resources. Thus, the copy of the countless NetEnt slot machines is hosted on physical serversand on virtual servers, which are based in Malta.

Since NetEnt manages the hosting of its own game servers, online casino operators do not have the ability to change the payout percentage of the developer’s slot machines, for example. Nor do they have the ability to tailor the software to a particular customer base.

How are the winnings offered by Netent slot machines composed?

As a slot player at NetEnt online casinos, as soon as you bet on one of them, you participate in a kind of lottery. It should be noted that between 1.5% and 10% of the jackpots won are deducted by the organizer of this lottery, which is the publisher himself. The actual winnings of the players are therefore deducted from the total amount of the lottery.

As far as the frequency of distribution of the biggest winnings awarded by NetEnt slot machines is concerned, it should be noted that there is no exception to the rule: the biggest jackpots are hit by a handful of lucky players, which means that the majority of players inevitably lose their bets.

Payout rates, win frequency and length of winning cycles

Finally, Net Entertainment is increasingly informing users about some key data. These include the Payout Ratio (PR), which is the percentage of winnings paid out per €100 pledged, and the Payout Frequency, which is expressed as the number of times winnings are paid out per number of spins played.

It is also important to know that each NetEnt slot machine has a specific winning cycle. For example, a slot machine such as Space Wars 2 will not offer you the same cycle of consecutive winning spins as Gonzo’s Quest. This means that if you are hoping to make several wins in a row, you should look at this particular component when comparing different NetEnt slots.

Kayleigh Williams