the new casino unveils its contours, and promises to be exceptional

In Cabourg, in the department of Calvados, the mayor of the town, Tristan Duval, and the chief architect Emmanuel Delabranche have unveiled the plans for the new casino, which will be located on the outskirts of the town. The new casino should be operational by 2025 and will house the Partouche group’s slot machines, just a few meters from the future inter-communal aqualudic center.

A new round casino for Cabourg, combining simplicity and linearity

In a public meeting held at the end of August, Cabourg mayor Tristan Duval and architect Emmanuel Delabranche unveiled the characteristics of the new casino. The latter, located on a trapezoidal plot of land, will be built according to precise specifications, explained Emmanuel Delabranche.

The objective is to compose with all the constraints and to propose an easily identifiable object, with a unique aspect. Aesthetically, the future casino of Cabourg will have a circular shape. We chose a simple, legible design, reminiscent of antiquity. Indeed, there will be only one and only one facade, the building will read like a disk, in a perfect continuity. “, explains the architect, who even warns that the building will not be identifiable as a casino.

As for the materials used for the constructionThe building will have a complete wooden structure for the exterior façade, as well as brass for sun protection and the integration of glass walls. Finally, the building will be elevated with a concrete base and a green parking lot will be created.

The mayor of Cabourg is proud to have won the negotiations against Partouche…

As for the financing of the casino, Mayor Tristan Duval is not afraid to say: ” The casino owner pays for the casino. The idea is for Partouche to finance it completely. To do this, a very significant increase in rent was negotiated, as well as an increase in the percentage of the Gross Gaming Revenue that goes to the city. The negotiations were tough, but we got what Cabourg deserves. “.

The mayor of Cabourg, who decidedly did not want to leave any crumbs to Partouche, also specified that the current casino, located on the seafront, would be transformed into an Italian-style theater. “ We want to meet the demands of the residents of Cabourg, who have long wanted a room dedicated to cultural life, associations and events “, explains Tristan Duval, who promised a place with 500 seats, with the possibility of converting it to host seminars.

The current Cabourg casino will continue to operate until the new one is delivered. This could be in 2024 at the earliest.

Kayleigh Williams